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Want to discover which publications your audience reads? What they watch? Who they listen to and follow? How they describe themselves?

Until now, expensive surveys or time-consuming, manual research were the only ways.

Not anymore

SparkToro delivers fast, precise answers sourced from tens of millions of real profiles.

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In a Single Search, Discover:

Which podcasts fiction authors in London listen to
Which words & phrases wedding photographers use in online conversations
Which YouTube channels chemical engineers watch
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Dead Simple.Super Powerful.

Step 1: Choose how to search
Step 2: Define your audience
Step 3: Quickly understand market segments and find the sources — hidden gems & big publications — that reach any online audience

What People Say About SparkToro

"SparkToro enables me to look right inside the minds of my target audience. Now I can see what they think, read, listen to, and much more... This is the most powerful tool I've ever used to understand any audience and has proved absolutely invaluable."
Stefan Drew
the Marketing Magician
"SparkToro got me up to speed on the influencers and thought leaders of a new industry. It's so much more focused, actionable and powerful than any Google Search!"
Matthew Bellows
"I used to spend endless hours aggregating and analyzing data from separate tools then patching them together... SparkToro lets me discover spot on, higher quality insights in a fraction of the time."
Margaret Nicoll
"SparkToro solves the problem of data based audience insights. We use it to explore partnerships (social, podcasts, youtube, etc), identify our clients' real competitors, and most importantly, better understand how our clients' ideal audiences interact online."
Mary Albright
Senior Content Engineer, WPromote
"SparkToro helps me to discover where target audiences hang out online and prioritize these opportunities quickly and effectively."
Paul Stephenson
Founder & CEO, 47 Insights
"We loved the "Hidden Gems" feature as it helped find the most engaged, geekiest part of our audience's community. We've used SparkToro to watch emerging trends and shifting interests, and to discover adjacent audiences. It's become one of our core ethnographic research tools. We can't live without it!"
Tara Hunt
CEO, Truly Inc.

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