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SparkToro is a new software company from Moz founder, Rand Fishkin. Our mission is to make it easier to discover any target audience's influential publications, channels, and people. Learn more about what we're building, or get notified when we launch:

Lost and Founder

A Painfully Honest Field Guide to the Startup World

Rand's book isn't like most business reads. You can't sum it up in two sentences, or even two paragraphs. There's no central thesis, just a series of stories that illustrate how foolish and harmful it can be to follow the traditional wisdom of the Silicon Valley startup world.

April 24th, 2018, Lost & Founder will be available in bookstores, online, and in an audio version. Read more about the book here, or pre-order:

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A few months ago, I settled on a name for my new company. Since the launch two weeks ago, I've received the question, "why SparkToro?" a few dozen times. Unlike my prior entrepreneurial venture (in which I started with the very awkward SEOmoz.org, an…
Why Elon Musk's "People as Vectors" Analogy Resonates
In his keynote at INBOUND last year, Dharmesh Shah (Hubspot's cofounder) shared a personal story of meeting Elon Musk and their short but powerful conversation about aligning people on a team as you would vectors in an equation. Unlike many folks in…
My Last Day at Moz. My First Day at SparkToro.
17 years ago, I dropped out of college to work with my mom, Gillian, on the business that became Moz. For 7 years (from 2007-2014), I was that company's CEO. For the last 4, I've been in a variety of individual contributor roles. And today, for me, t…
Is SEO Opportunity Growing or Shrinking?
It's our existential question as SEO professionals -- is SEO still growing? Or have Google's actions reduced the opportunity potential? I see this phrased in all sorts of ways: Are there more searches on Google this year than last year? Is Go…
How Cultural Conditioning Biases Us to Make Bad Decisions in Our Lives, Our Work, & Our Marketing (my talk from INBOUND 2017)
This week I was invited to give a spotlight talk at Hubspot's INBOUNDĀ in Boston. INBOUND is a unique event for me. It's typically the largest in-person audience I'll speak to in a given year (often in excess of 3,000 people in the room), and a less…