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NEW: SERP Features are now in SparkToro V2 to help you see what types of results Google shows your audience

As I promised last week, when we launched Search Modifiers in V2, SparkToro has a whole bunch of new product updates to release. The second of these arrives today: SERP Features. What is it? SERP Features aggregates all the keywords your audience searches for in Google, extracts the most common types of results Google shows,

SparkTogether Comes to Seattle October 8; Tickets are Already 60% Sold Out

It’s Official. On Tuesday, October 8, 2024, SparkTogether will be live, in person, in Seattle, WA for the first time. And we’ve already sold 120/200 tickets available. If you want one of the 80 left, I recommend grabbing one ASAP. What’s SparkTogether? We believe the most valuable professional experiences in our lives happened when remarkable

Don’t just “Get a sense” for your customers. Make audience research actionable through revenue-lifting tactics.

There’s nothing wrong with running a quick SparkToro audience search, scrolling around for 5 minutes, and coming away savvier and better-informed about a group’s behaviors and demographics. But, if that’s all you’re doing with the tool’s output, you’re missing out. Instead of telling you, I’ll show you. Let’s use the example of; a company

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You Are Your Moat

I don’t mind the generative AI craze. While some folks rail about the AI-generated comments that dominate their LinkedIn feed, I say, thank you for the engagement boost. Do these comments make social media a better place? Not really. But neither do the human-written, “Nice post, totally agree,” comments. (Though let’s be clear, I’ll take