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NEW SparkToro Feature: Discover the Press/Media Sources That Reach Your Audience

I’m excited to announce that today, SparkToro is launching a new tab, with new data, for all customers: free and paid. When you perform an audience intelligence search, you’ll see the new “Press” tab on the left sidebar, displaying media sources followed + engaged-with by the searched-for audience. Sometimes, these publications will have overlap with

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Social Networks “Optimize for Engagement.” What Does That Mean for Marketers?

I’m a firm believer that incentives and systems govern behavior at scale. If you want to understand why companies make the decisions they do, look at how their executives and boards are rewarded. If you’re trying to grok an unfamiliar sport, see how points are scored and wins are tabulated. Follow the incentives, and you’ll

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Marketing Takeaways from the 2020 US Election | Part V: Brand Familiarity & The Weaknesses of Product

Welcome to the final episode in our five part exploration of the 2020 US election from a marketing lens. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the rest of series Part I: Identity & Common Enemies Part II: Positioning & Segmentation Part III: Polling Problems & Growing Fans vs. Persuading Converts Part IV: