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Marketing Lessons from the 2020 Election | Part I: Identity & Common Enemies

I don’t believe there is any greater, more public example of capitalist-driven marketing on display than the American presidential elections. It is, unquestionably: A globally-followed event A marketing-driven (rather than product-driven) outcome 10X+ larger in spend than any other marketing campaign on Earth Ad spend figures from Quartz, Nielsen, & OpenSecrets This pinnacle of influence-driven

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Election Polls vs. Results Can Help Explain How SparkToro’s Data Works

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent the last 48 hours frantically refreshing the NYTimes, Politico, the Washington Post, Five Thirty Eight, & Memeorandum far more times than is healthy. This American election, more than any news event in my lifetime, has induced massive anxiety, fear, hope, and emotional turmoil (at least in those who

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Analyze Your Audience’s Political & Media Behavior in SparkToro

In our ongoing quest to provide unique, valuable audience intelligence, we’re launching a brand new feature in SparkToro today: Media and Political Insights. You’ll find this data available in the Audience Insights section of any SparkToro search. Any timing of this release with major, upcoming political events is purely coincidental… 😉 ABOVE: Media and Politics

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I’m Ending My Tenure on Moz’s Board & Welcoming Tara Reed and Asia Orangio

The short, short version: After stepping down as CEO in 2014 and leaving the company in 2018, as of a signature earlier today, I’m officially off Moz’s board of directors. The incredibly impressive CEO & founder of DemandMaven, Asia (Matos) Orangio accepted my offer to fill the chairperson seat. Simultaneously, I nominated Apps Without Code‘s

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Six Ways SparkToro’s Early Customers Use Our Product

Tl;DR: SparkToro’s early customers include a mix of agencies, independent consultants, and in-house marketers whose work involves Digital PR, Social Media+Content Marketing, Market Research, Digital Advertising, Audience Building, and/or Creative/Brand Marketing. Clicking those will take you to the accompanying section of this post with use-cases and examples. This has been a hard year for everyone.