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Choose the plan that’s right for you, with the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade anytime. All SparkToro paid plans include:

Monthly Billing Annual Billing
$ 0 /mo
Ideal for:
Testing SparkToro’s functionality
  • 10 searches/month
  • Sampling of results only
  • Single list
  • Single user
$ 150 /mo
Ideal for:
Solo consultants, individual in - house marketers
  • Up to 100 searches/month
  • Top 50 results shown
  • Unlimited lists
  • Up to 5 users
Best Value
$ 300 /mo
Ideal for:
Small agencies, & in-house marketing teams
  • Up to 500 searches/month
  • All results shown
  • Unlimited lists
  • Up to 25 users
$ 600 /mo
Ideal for:
Mid-large agencies, content marketing teams, & enterprise
  • Unlimited searches/month*
  • All results shown
  • Unlimited lists
  • Up to 50 users
7-Day Pass
$ 450 /week
Ideal for:
Heavy, one-time use by product managers, entrepreneurs, researchers, or those who need data 1-2X/year, Also good for agencies and consultants who require project-based billing for their clients
  • Up to 1,000 searches a week
  • All results shown
  • Unlimited lists
  • Single user
  • Non-recurring billing

Plans & Billing FAQs:

Can I use software to run SparkToro searches?

For technical, logistical, and access-related reasons, we do not allow the crawling or extraction of SparkToro results by bots, programmatic queries, or other forms of automated software.

We make substantive efforts to detect such queries, and accounts associated with them may be suspended or banned. In the future, we hope to offer an API that will enable programmatic, large volume queries against our dataset. Email [email protected] if you’re interested in API access, and we’ll get you on the try-it-early list.

How do I switch to a different plan?
What is SparkToro's cancellation policy?
Additional billing questions?

What People Say About SparkToro

"I used SparkToro during the research phase of multiple media plans and was able to source lists of podcasts for partnerships and optimize my audience targeting across Facebook, Twitter and Google Ads."
Logan Anderson
Analyst, Clarity Coverdale Fury
"SparkToro allowed us to see where our most relevant prospects live online. With that data we can now target content to include those social channels/pages/accounts where engagement is most likely."
Rob Bonham
Digital Marketing Manager, ed2go
"Leveraging SparkToro's data helped me acquire new leads through Facebook ads at 27% of the average cost per lead! And it helped me discover and expand my audiences for clients with niche products and services."
Justin Adelson
Founder, Perfect Pixel Marketing
"Thanks to SparkToro we found at least 20 influential Twitter accounts we wouldn't have thought of otherwise who signed up for our tool."
Mark Traphagen
VP of Product Marketing and Training, SEO Clarity
"We use SparkToro to identify partnership opportunities for marketing our thought leadership content to niche audiences; to validate our channel and media choices for advertising, and for social media execution."
Daniel Nestle
VP Marketing Communications, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America
"When presented with a new prospect or opportunity with a current client, we use SparkToro to learn about their target audience, find the best fit for PR/digital advertising opportunities, and explore YouTube/Podcasts (I haven't seen a tool compile those channels in one place). We've used it for multiple new business pitches to suggest industry placements the client should be considering - making us look like we have a deep knowledge of their industry without hours of in-depth research."
Bob Goricki
Director of Digital Marketing, Marcum LLP