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Monthly Billing Annual Billing
$ 0 /mo
Ideal for:
Testing SparkToro’s functionality
  • 5 searches/month
  • Sampling of results only
  • Single user
$ 150 /mo
Ideal for:
Solo consultants, individual in - house marketers
  • Up to 100 searches/month
  • Top 50 results shown
  • Up to 5 users
$ 300 /mo
Ideal for:
Small agencies, & in-house marketing teams
  • Up to 500 searches/month
  • All results shown
  • Up to 25 users
$ 600 /mo
Ideal for:
Mid-large agencies, content marketing teams, & enterprise
  • Unlimited searches/month*
  • All results shown
  • Up to 50 users
7-Day Pass
$ 450 /week
Ideal for:
Heavy, one-time use by product managers, entrepreneurs, researchers, or those who need data 1-2X/year, Also good for agencies and consultants who require project-based billing for their clients
  • Up to 1,000 searches a week
  • All results shown
  • Single user
  • Non-recurring billing

All Paid SparkToro Plans Include:

Plans & Billing FAQs:

Can I use software to run SparkToro searches?

For technical, logistical, and access-related reasons, we do not allow the crawling or extraction of SparkToro results by bots, programmatic queries, or other forms of automated software.

We make substantive efforts to detect such queries, and accounts associated with them may be suspended or banned. In the future, we hope to offer an API that will enable programmatic, large volume queries against our dataset. Email [email protected] if you’re interested in API access, and we’ll get you on the try-it-early list.

How do I switch to a different plan?
What is SparkToro's cancellation policy?
Additional billing questions?

What People Say About SparkToro

"I need to better understand where my audience likes to live, read, engage, etc, regardless of what they say - this is the data to prove it. SparkToro informs where we should effectively advertise, and what we should consume to better understand our customers."
Jen Nussinow Tasker
Director of Marketing, @ Touchplan
"Before using SparkToro, I would spend hours manually searching for YouTube influencers and podcasts to partner with. Being able to compare and see all of the important metrics in one tool is a huge timesaver."
Britt Klontz
Independent Digital Marketing & PR Consultant
"SparkToro helped me discover and expand my audiences for clients with niche products and services. Leveraging the data, I acquired new leads through Facebook ads at 27% of the average cost per lead!"
Justin Adelson
Perfect Pixel Marketing LLC, Founder
"SparkToro is an insight machine and our one-stop shop to learn as much about a client's (or our own) audience as possible in an incredibly quick, digestible and meaningful way. It's the spark that helps us fire up our content and demand gen engines!"
Jay DiPietro
Director Client Strategy / Operations, Ricciardi Group
"OMG - SparkToro created an outreach list—in a niche industry—for me in seconds that would have normally taken hours (and with far-less accuracy). I can combine lists for different terms to get even more reach. My team had their targets in literally 5 minutes."
Cyrus Shepard
Founding Partner, Zyppy
"SparkToro is a fabulous tool. I use it for competitive research, persona building, and it's incredibly helpful for putting together proposals creative briefs."
Liz Parker
Business Development and Co-Founder, Magnificent Marketing