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"SparkToro has helped us close and retain some of the fastest growing SaaS brands in the world."

Ross Simmonds Founder and CEO, Foundation Inc.
"I need you to know that I’m more excited about this tool than LinkedIn is about ChatGPT…and given the state of my feed, that’s saying something. I can’t wait to share the insights with my team."

Alicia Westphal Digital Marketer, Standard Process Inc
"I've only run a few queries so far and I'm absolutely blown away. MAJOR PROPS to you all. It's a game changer!"

Adam Monago Director of Product Marketing, Fluence
"SparkToro is a cheat code."

Alex Garcia Writer/Founder,

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High affinity websites and sources of influence for your audience
Invest in the right channels & sources of influence

Keywords your audiences searches for in Google/Bing
Get a competitive advantage for SEO & content marketing

Social networks your audience uses more/less than avg
Optimize your social media strategy & activities

Demographics - age, gender, job titles, skills, & more
Build smarter personas and more-targeted campaigns

YouTube channels, podcasts, & subreddits your audience follows
Target ads, pitch partnerships, earn guest spots, & more

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