SparkToro shows who your audience is, what they talk about, and where to reach them

Reach your customers in the places they already pay attention: websites, social accounts, podcasts, press, and more.

SparkToro's data helps
  • Content Marketers
  • PR Professionals
  • Agencies & Consultants
  • Founders & Creators
  • Market Researchers
solve problems, like
  • improving display & social ad targeting
  • finding impactful PR opportunities
  • discovering content gaps beyond SEO
  • identifying ideal co-marketing partners
  • spotting trends before they're mainstream

Watch how SparkToro delivers actionable audience data in just 2.5 minutes

SparkToro’s top 6 use-cases, according to our customers

Get a ranked, actionable list of where my potential customers hang out
Improve targeting and ROAS on YouTube, Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Twitter ads
Help pitch partnerships, co-marketing, and sponsorships to the sources that most influence my audience
Build accurate, data-driven personas
Create more successful content by covering topics my audience is talking about right now
Invite the best speakers, guest presenters, and interviewees for my event/podcast/channel’s audience

SparkToro is filled with powerful data to improve your marketing ROI, win clients, and find new customers

  • Demographics
    Employment data, skills and interests, gender and age, education, geography, and political leanings.
  • Text Insights
    Words, phrases, and hashtags people use publicly online.
  • Sources of Influence
    Social accounts, websites, press publications, podcasts, and YouTube channels people engage with.
  • Lists and Data Exports
    Create and manage lists within SparkToro and export spreadsheets for team collaboration.
  • Contact Info
    Get publicly available email addresses and social media accounts via our partnership.
  • Customer Support
    We personally reply to every support inquiry within one business day.