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SparkToro crawls tens of millions of social and web profiles to find what (and who) your audience reads, listens to, watches, follows, shares, and talks about online.

What People Say About SparkToro

"SparkToro's insights were a huge eye-opener for me and the team at Manual. I love how it turns what was once a tedious and manual approach into a seamless experience. Using SparkToro I can identify key websites we need to appear in, as well as partnership opportunities, not to mention the increased understanding of our audience's needs and habits."
Michael Lorenzos
Growth Manager, Manual
"We've already been able to secure a number of guest spots on podcasts we've sourced from using SparkToro. We anticipate that number growing as we continue to use the platform more and expand into other areas."
Stephanie Cox
VP, Sales and Marketing, Lumavate
"SparkToro is an essential audience research tool that does things nothing else does. I've used it to identify audience affinities I can use to build out Facebook Advertising audiences, and Twitter ad targeting (which we've found to be an amazing way to reach people)."
Ciaran Rogers
Marketing Director, Target Internet
"I use SparkToro to confirm whether a media property is a good fit or not. Publishers will offer their own information; I like having third-party verification. Presenting my boss, an economist, with actual numbers on media choices is better than saying 'that site suits our audience'."
Alicia Kan
Marketer, Seattle University
"Using SparkToro, we sharply defined a persona for a popular hair care brand, which helped us build an entire user journey and content strategy. Another one of our clients is a sponge manufacturer; we used SparkToro to help inform where to place advertising, how to best update messaging, and gain a better understanding of their reading/listening/browsing habits."
Rebecca Wynne
Head of Search, Grey Group
"SparkToro quickly identifies and synthesizes influencers across platforms for any given topic. We download lists of "hidden gem" influencers, then upload them into social to bolster audience targeting for paid media. We're also sharing these lists with PR teams for product seedings and media outreach during campaign or product launches."
Margaret Nicoll
CEO and Founder, Maka Digital

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