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Forget expensive surveys or inaccurate, manual research. SparkToro finds the websites your customers visit, social accounts they follow, hashtags they use, and more — so you can do marketing that works.

Over 1,100 marketing agencies, content teams, PR leaders, and market researchers use SparkToro.

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Why SparkToro Exists

Replace expensive market research surveys.
Before, if you wanted to uncover the people, websites, and publications that influence your customers, you’d spend hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars on market research surveys that can’t deliver comprehensive, accurate information. Now, demographics, behavioral traits, topics discussed publicly online, and other crucial audience research data are available in seconds.
Break free from the Google/Facebook marketing duopoly.
We believe the most effective marketing reaches your customers through people, publications, and places where they already pay attention. Marketers shouldn’t have to pay the tech giants just to have their voices heard. SparkToro provides unique research and insights, aggregated from tens of millions of verifiable public social and web profiles, to make channels outside Facebook and Google accessible to everyone.

Audience Research Accurate and Uncomplicated

Research Now
Build your outreach
Employment data, skills and interests, gender and age, education, geography, and political leanings.
Sources of Influence
Social accounts, websites, press publications, podcasts, and YouTube channels people engage with.
Lists and Data Exports
Create and manage lists within SparkToro and export spreadsheets for team collaboration.
Text Insights
Words, phrases, and hashtags people use publicly online.
Customer Support
We personally reply to every support inquiry within one business day.
Contact Info
Get publicly available email addresses and social media accounts via our partnership.

Here's What Our Customers Say:

"The velocity of deal closes increased because we’re able to pull data quickly. Combine that with the fact that SparkToro can help us uncover innovative opportunities to drive ROI and it’s no wonder SparkToro has helped us close and retain some of the fastest growing SaaS brands in the world."
Ross Simmonds
Founder and CEO, Foundation Inc.
"We've already been able to secure a number of guest spots on podcasts we've sourced from using SparkToro. We anticipate that number growing as we continue to use the platform more and expand into other areas."
Stephanie Cox
VP, Sales and Marketing, Lumavate
"SparkToro is an essential audience research tool that does things nothing else does. I've used it to identify audience affinities I can use to build out Facebook Advertising audiences, and Twitter ad targeting (which we've found to be an amazing way to reach people)."
Ciaran Rogers
Marketing Director, Target Internet
"I use SparkToro to confirm whether a media property is a good fit or not. Publishers will offer their own information; I like having third-party verification. Presenting my boss, an economist, with actual numbers on media choices is better than saying 'that site suits our audience'."
Alicia Kan
Marketer, Seattle University
"Using SparkToro, we sharply defined a persona for a popular hair care brand, which helped us build an entire user journey and content strategy. Another one of our clients is a sponge manufacturer; we used SparkToro to help inform where to place advertising, how to best update messaging, and gain a better understanding of their reading/listening/browsing habits."
Rebecca Wynne
Head of Search, Grey Group
"SparkToro quickly identifies and synthesizes influencers across platforms for any given topic. We download lists of "hidden gem" influencers, then upload them into social to bolster audience targeting for paid media. We're also sharing these lists with PR teams for product seedings and media outreach during campaign or product launches."
Margaret Nicoll
CEO and Founder, Maka Digital

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