22 Minutes on Audience Intelligence: Slides, Video, & Q+A

Last week, I was honored to join Jeff Sauer’s superb Data Driven U for a class on audience intelligence. And, thankfully, kindly, Jeff gave me permission to share our class and the subsequent Q+A on this blog.

I think it’s invaluable, but frustratingly difficult to understand the answers to questions like:

  • What can I learn about my audience and customers that will make my marketing better?
  • How do I get that data? Which bits are easy and hard? What tools/sources can I use?
  • Why do big upheavals in behavior (like we’re seeing with the pandemic and economic downturn) impact this?
  • What are the tactical applications for this information?

So, that’s what I tried to tackle in these slides and the subsequent SparkToro video demo.

The slides are below, followed by the video.

Jump points in the video include:

  • What’s the value of understanding your audience & customers? (1:11)
  • Core components for great audience understanding (10:01)
  • Why does audience intelligence matter so much right now? (15:27)
  • Applications for audience intelligence (17:42)
  • A Look at SparkToro (23:32)

Huge thanks to Jeff for having me on, and to all the great folks who asked for a look at their audiences through the tool.