Our First Foray into NetPromoter Scores

SEOmoz’s retention team, led by the phenomenal Joanna Lord, recently completed a NetPromoter survey project. Below is what Renea (from Joanna’s team) put together and sent out.

Note on how Net Promoter score is calculated: those responding with results 9 or 10 are considered promoters. Responses 0 through 6 are considered detractors. Net promoter score is reached by subtracting detractors from promoters (7 and 8 are considered passive and thrown out).


  • 434 Responses
  • Promoters: 59.22%
  • Detractors: 10.14%
  • Net Promoter Score: 49.08
SEOmoz Community 
  • 411 Responses
  • Promoters: 59.61%
  • Detractors: 9.25%
  • Net Promoter Score: 50.36%
SEOmoz (website; non-PRO)
  • 502 Responses
  • Promoters 58.37%
  • Detractors: 13.15%
  • Score: 45.22%

We all found it interesting that the community led the pack, but only slightly, and that the responses were so closely grouped. Around 60% of our users love the product/community/site and want to share it and ~10% aren’t sold on us. If I had to guess what the numbers would have been, I probably would have gone lower, but I think that’s because the negative critiques always stand out in our minds far more than the positives.

There’s some public market comps available here including Google (56%), Apple (71%), Facebook (31%), Amazon (78%). But all the wisdom out there says scores themselves are far less important than the trendline over time. That’s also what I heard from this guy when I forwarded it on to our board:

Thus, we’ll be running this same survey again in a few months, then after some big product releases and on a continuing basis thereafter. I’m excited to see how this helps us measure and improve our product, brand and community over time.