SparkToro’s Prices Are Going Up (but not for everyone)

Here’s the short version, friends:

  • Starting February 9, 2023 (one week from now) we’re rolling out new, higher prices for each of SparkToro’s pricing tiers
  • We’re also adding more features and benefits to those tiers, including unlimited searches per month* for all subscription levels
  • If you’re a subscriber to SparkToro at any tier today (or you sign up before Feb. 9) you’ll receive the legacy pricing AND the new features/benefits for as long as you maintain your subscription

Read on for the details…

Comparison of New vs. Old Subscription Tiers and Costs

Below, you’ll see a screenshot of our existing pricing (which might be easier to view at the plans & pricing URL here):

At every level (including the free tier), we’re making these plans considerably more generous. More types of data, more rows of data in the tabs, more searches, and (at the Agency & Enterprise level), an entirely new, soon-to-be announced feature that I won’t spoil here.

The biggest upgrade for paid accounts is that we’re moving from a model with limited searches per month, to an unlimited number (though programmatic queries will still need to go through our API). No more worrying about using up your monthly quota, or if someone else on your team/at your agency is eating up your query budget. Paid accounts = unlimited searches.

Existing Subscribers Pay the Same, But Get the New Benefits

If you’re currently a SparkToro subscriber, or if you sign up before Thursday, February 9, you’ll get the current price for any tier (annual or monthly) AND the new levels of access (including unlimited searches) after Feb. 9. We’re locking in your legacy price, but upgrading the features, benefits, and access level.

Should you need to upgrade briefly, then downgrade back (as some folks do when they have need for more data or more types of information from the product), you can email us and we’ll take care of it manually: [email protected].

Why Are We Raising Prices?

Fair question. And no, we won’t give you some BS answer like “the economy,” or “inflation.” Those are excuses. We’re raising prices for three reasons:

  1. To Give More Value – Unlimited searches and audience tracking will (we believe) make SparkToro a far more valuable product, but both required investment. As we look to the future, we’ve got some creative (potentially expensive) ideas for value creation, but we are absolutely unwilling to ever raise speculative, outside capital to do it. We think the best sources of funding for these ideas is you, our customers, who trust us to build great stuff that makes audience research and web marketing better. We’d rather prove to you that we deserve your support than pitch VCs on how we’ll get them a third vacation house.
  2. Our Data Costs are Rising – As they do, we want to make sure we’re never in a precarious situation where we need to remove access, cut back on features, eliminate data, or stop ourselves from making our product fast, high quality, and accurate.
  3. New Data Investments Loom – We’ve got some opportunities in 2023 and beyond to expand our data sources, partner with some excellent data providers, and go deeper on the 12 social networks (and the open web) that our index currently uses. Revenue per customer gives us the freedom to make these investments and upgrade what you see in a SparkToro search.

Full transparency – despite the price increase, we expect our margin % to go down in 2023 (or 2024 depending on the timing of these investments).

Subscribe Before February 9 and You’re Locked-In

That’s the long and short of it. But, we know that for many folks, you only need SparkToro when you need it, and we’re still here to support that structure. Subscribe for a month, run all the searches you want, cancel, and sign back up in 3, 6, or 12 months more. We make that easy, and we won’t try to restrict anyone’s ability to do it. Whenever you need us, we’re here. And when you need to save money, just hit that cancel button.

As always, if you’ve got questions, drop a line to [email protected] and Casey, Amanda, or myself will get right back to you.

* Unlimited doesn’t quite mean “infinite.” We don’t support programmatic queries (those made by automated machines); for that, you’ll need to use our API. But if you’re a human being (or three raccoons in a trench coat), go to town!