What Are the Most Powerful, Mind-Expanding Ads You’ve Seen?

This year at Mozcon, we’re doing something new — featuring some of the most unique, creative, and mind-expanding advertisements of the last few years during the breaks (just before we introduce the next speakers).

e.g. this praise-garnering Deutsche LA Volkswagen ad from 2011

But rather than just editorially select the ads, we’d love to have your contributions and +1s on which ads resonated and which you think marketers should see.

We’d love to have your suggestions via the comments below. Just link to the ad (on YouTube, Vimeo, or wherever it’s hosted) along with a brief description of why you loved it or think it should be featured. You can also use the votes in the Disqus comments to voice your support for any of the other submissions.

We’ve all seen the Will It Blend series and the Dollar Shave Club ad, and these have broadened how marketers (myself included) think about video advertising. But I’m guessing there’s a lot more that I should see. I started in the comments with a few of my own, and, I’m looking forward to watching a few minutes of creativity, and to seeing which ads get the most votes 🙂

Credit for the idea belongs to Geraldine and Wil Reynolds.