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SparkToro puts crucial information about any online audience at your fingertips:

  • Behaviors: what they visit, read, watch, listen-to, and follow
  • Characteristics: keywords they search for, how they describe themselves in their bios, language in their content
  • Demographics: gender, age, interests, job titles, education, and more
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All the data comes from three sources: anonymized clickstream, Google SERPs, and public social profiles—results you can trust.

How does SparkToro Work?

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Key Features

Uncover Affinities

Find out which websites, podcasts, YouTube channels, Subreddits, and social networks your audience visits.

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See Search Keywords

Discover keywords, trending keywords & questions they search for on Google.

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Find the Right Social Networks

Learn which social networks, financial, lifestyle, and e-commerce platforms are popular with them.

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Build & Export Lists

Get contact information for publications and people to reach out to for PR, partnerships, and ads.

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Create Data-Backed Personas

Gender, age, education, skills, interests, and more demographics for any searchable audience.

Who's Using SparkToro
What's The Value They Get?
Content marketers and SEO specialists
A competitive advantage over other keyword research tools to craft more resonant, effective content

Public relations professionals
Uncovering the true sources of influence, especially hidden gems that are easier to pitch

Digital marketing agencies of all stripes
Unique data that helps win new business, retain clients, & increases team productivity

Founders and product designers
Gain a deep understanding of their target customer as they build, design, and market

Marketing strategists & performance marketers
Discover advertising, sponsorship, and improved targeting capabilities on Google/Meta/Apple/etc.

Customer research specialists
Build data-driven personas with provable customer behaviors and demographics
How much does it cost?
Prices start at $38/month
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See what customers are saying
"When you combine your knowledge along with SparkToro's technology and customer interviews, you can uncover whole new customer segments. So I think of it this way: Bruce Lee started kicking everyone's ass after he blended different martial arts and now we have mixed martial arts (MMA)."
Dean McBeth
Dean McBeth
Founder, Shepherd
"SparkToro is the best marketing tool for startups. A startup can't and shouldn't spend time on marketing until they know who their audience is, who is already influencing them, and what content they're interested in."
Vinny La Barbera
Vinny La Barbera
Founder & CEO, imFORZA
"As an agency that prides itself on knowing the media that matters, SparkToro is invaluable. From niche B2B audiences to mass market, we're able to back-up our instincts with data and unearth hidden gems, arming us with the most comprehensive, effective target list for any campaign."
Alex Judd
Alex Judd
Head of Impact and Planning, Clarity PR
"SparkToro is a solid investment for any marketing team."
Ali Schwanke
Ali Schwanke
Founder, Simple Strat and Host of "HubSpot Hacks"
"SparkToro tops the list of best SaaS marketing tools. I love the insights it uncovers for our team!"
Abhi Jadhav
Abhi Jadhav
"I love demoing SparkToro to people. That Aha! moment when they see the results is awesome."
Ben Jesson
Ben Jesson
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