How does SparkToro know which accounts, websites, podcasts, and channels are popular with a given audience?

SparkToro crawls billions of unique web pages, social media accounts, and individual pieces of content on social platforms then builds a database associating profiles and content with unique identifiers. We call these “profiles,” and you can think of them as an amalgamation of an individual person or organization’s various web+social pages. These profiles form the backbone of how SparkToro is able to aggregate and present information.

When you perform a SparkToro search, you tell our database to look for profiles that match your search criteria. That might be a hashtag they’ve used, a word or phrase in that profile’s bio, an account they follow, or a website they’ve linked-to, followed, or shared. SparkToro then finds profiles matching your search criteria, aggregates them together, and extracts shared pieces of information, like which social accounts or podcasts are most followed/shared by those collected profiles.

The “percent of audience” column will then reveal what percentage of profiles in our database follow, link-to, subscribe-to, share, and/or engage with those accounts.