How do I get more data about an audience with no (or very few) results?

If your SparkToro search returns very few profiles, there are a number of tactics to attempt in order to better identify your audience and their sources of influence.

  1. Try broader, more inclusive, more popular words and phrases.
    E.g. if you’re targeting patent attorneys, try searching for and audience that “frequently talks about: patent law” in addition to an audience that “uses the word(s) in their profile: patent attorney”
  2. Use the OR operator to combine multiple audiences into a single search.
    E.g. when targeting patent attorneys, try searching for “uses the word(s) in their profile: patent attorney OR patent lawyer”
  3. Target your audience based on a website or social account they already follow.
    E.g. instead of searching for profiles containing “patent attorney” you could search for an audience that “frequently visits the website:” or one that “follows the social account: @patentlyo”
  4. Visit the Audience Insights tab for a small audience and use the words, phrases, hashtags, websites, social accounts, etc. listed as search terms to get a potentially larger group.
  5. Try a hashtag that you’ve seen associated with that audience’s topic to get a larger profile set.
    E.g. in addition to searching for patent attorneys, try “my audience frequently uses the hashtag #intellectualproperty”

If you’re struggling with this process, feel free to drop a line to [email protected] and we can help you manually figure out some potential searches to try.