What query operators can I use in SparkToro?

SparkToro supports the following search parameters:

  • Quotes, e.g. “downhill skiing”
  • The minus bar: – , e.g. skiing -snowboarding -snowboards -snowboarder

If you are looking to utilize the AND/OR search operators, then can by used in our Custom Search feature which allows you to build compound queries using the AND/OR search operators.

Be aware that SparkToro does not attempt to include derivations, plurals, or other forms of words when querying. The search word(s) you include will be the exact and only ones our system searches for, e.g. if you search “frequently talks about: snowboards” SparkToro will not also include profiles that talk about snowboarding, snowboarders, or snowboard. The system will only return profiles that have talked about the plural word, “snowboards” precisely.