Broadening Our Thinking on the Practice of Conversion Rate Optimization

Many times when businesses invest in improving online conversion rates, the practice goes something like this:

  1. Brainstorm a list of things that can be changed in the conversion process or on the landing page
  2. Determine which are easy to build/test
  3. Create a set of A/B or multivariate tests to run through them
  4. Allow winning changes to remain

Unfortunately, this process diminishes what CRO can achieve. It’s my belief that conversion rate optimization needs to be a practice that’s separate from funnel optimization or landing page optimization (though it can certainly encompass those). But CRO is bigger and broader, and it deserves to have influence on every part of the business – from the product to the customer service to the marketing and beyond.

We’re trying out a new format of video at Moz (which we may do more of on the Moz Youtube Channel), and in this 19 minute one, I use a presentation I’ve given a couple times this year against a whiteboard backdrop to tackle the big picture of CRO.

You can also see the slide deck embedded below:

I’d love your thoughts on A) whether you like this video format and B) your opinions on the CRO strategy and tactics I’ve described.