My Presentation from INBOUND 2018 Might Make You a Better Entrepreneur

Last week, I spoke at Hubspot’s INBOUND conference for the eighth year. For the first time, it was not under the auspices of my old company, Moz, nor was it centrally about web marketing. Instead, I focused on my experiences building a company and helping other entrepreneurs build their companies…. And I think, this was one of the best received presentations I’ve done at the conference yet.

Kindly, the team from INBOUND has made video of the presentation available online:

It’s ~40 minutes in length, and the slides are also available below.

I hope that this advice and approach can be useful to folks who are attempting to think differently about the classic tech-startup path. I took a lot of contrarian takes on what the startup world, investors, media, and popular culture say we’re all supposed to do as entrepreneurs.

p.s. I also strongly recommend watching Dharmesh’s talk from INBOUND: 5 Tips from the Customer Code to Grow Better. He’s funny, thoughtful, and a bit contrarian, too. Clearly we’ve been drinking from the same fountain of late (although we obviously disagree about whether to sell your baby early) 🙂