A New Blog and a New Challenge

Over the past few years, I’ve been tremendously impressed by a handful of bloggers in the field of technology, startups and investing. In particular:

Three qualities about each have impressed and inspired me: 1) They’ve all had a dramatic impact on their local environment through the megaphones their blogs have built 2) They’ve created brands in their ecosystems that carry the power to amplify any message they send 3) They’re all busier than I am, yet blog every day (or close to it).

Given these, I’ve often found myself being frustrated at Seattle’s lack of such an individual. The last time I lamented this publicly, I was chided by Fred himself:

Hence, despite feeling frequently overwhelmed and underqualified, I’m going to give writing every night a shot. The topics will vary dramatically. The prose will often be subpar. The posts will certainly have typos. And the quality may be inconsistent.

But… If they can do it, I can try. Let’s see how this works.