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3 Audience Research Tips

1) What if performance advertising is just an analytics scam? I’m not saying “no one buys because of a retargeting/display/branded search ad.” I’m saying, “somewhere between 60-99%* of the people exposed to those ads would have purchased anyway.” In his latest blog post, Rand Fishkin discusses what’s problematic about performance marketing.

2) Make a mini buyer persona to write better messaging: Find 1-3 influences in your niche, consume their content, and use your observations to create better messaging. As you learn from these influences — like niche blogs, podcasts and social accounts — you might start to build a sort of mini buyer persona for inspiration. In last week’s SparkToro Office Hours, we discussed influence-driven messaging, how to write it, and how to use our tools to set yourself up for success. Check out the presentation on YouTube.

3) Use SparkToro to inform your content marketing: Run a SparkToro search: "My audience uses these words in their profile: <target audience’s job description>” Then look at Text Insights to see the other topics they discuss publicly online. If you see a topic that piques your interest, search for it in Google Trends to get a sense of overall search volume. Then run a second SparkToro search: “My audience frequently talks about: <topic” and consider the additional query of “Add Location.” From here, you might find hashtags to use to amplify your messaging, influential websites where you can pitch a guest article, and relevant social accounts. Check out Rand’s 2-minute video on how to do this.

Next Week's Office Hours: PR and Content

On October 28… we have a special guest for Office Hours! PR executive/consultant Michelle Garrett will present on how PR and content marketing teams can work most effectively together. Goodbye to working in silos. RSVP to save your seat and receive the replay & slides.
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3 Articles to Read

1) 20 ideas for experiential brand activations: Here’s how brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Hershey’s, Bumble and more designed immersive-drive thrus and at-home experiences safely during the pandemic.

2) How to incorporate creators into your content strategy: Jayde Powell wrote this blog post on next-level content strategy, which lies at the intersection of traditional content creation and influencer marketing.

3) 13 beloved ‘traditions’ that are really just marketing: Fun fact: green bean casserole was invented by an employee of the Campbell Soup Company. Read on for the 12 other successful marketing inventions.

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