SparkTogether 2022
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November 10
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The first ever story-focused marketing event. Tell-all sagas. Real numbers. No recordings.

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November 10
Join us for an unforgettable day of honest stories about marketing, growth, and company building.

Stories you won't hear anywhere else – because we don't record them, and we ask participants to keep speaker-requested details private (i.e. off social media).

You'll emerge a savvier, more well-rounded practitioner.

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Why SparkTogether?

We've attended a lot of conferences, a mess of livestreams, and a ton of webinars. Some of them are great… Many are not.

With SparkTogether, we're using our experience to deliver an exceptional day of outstanding programming, but we don't think that's enough.

To be worthy of your time, SparkTogether needs to provide value you can't get anywhere else. That's what we've built – an event whose format is wholly unique, focused on memorable narratives, told with passion by the people who lived them, with real metrics and outcomes revealed (even when those numbers tell an unflattering story). We think stories are the most memorable way to learn.

What Folks Say About SparkToro's Events

I attended @sparktoro Office Hours yesterday, hosted by @randfish and @amandanat and it sort of reignited my love for content.

Well damn… Surround yourself with enthusiastic and fun people; that's my Friday advice, folks ✌️❤️

Jonas Strandell
Jonas Strandell

If you've never been on a @sparktoro office hours with @randfish & @amandanat

What have you been doing!

Seriously golden resource for all marketers. Get on the next one people!

Ryan Carruthers
Ryan Carruthers

Lots of value in @sparktoro office hours today with @amandanat and @randfish. I have some great ideas on how to use SparkToro to create personas, and find pain points for messaging. Keep'em coming!

Anna Zaleska
Anna Zaleska

I attended the @sparktoro Office Hours hosted by @amandanat. The guest was @TheCoolestCool, CEO - Foundation Marketing.

To put it simply my mind was blown.

Jaljeet Ajani
Jaljeet Ajani

Confidential Case Studies

You won't hear these stories anywhere else.

We ask our speakers to present their stories unfiltered, including real numbers, financial figures, and ugly truths. That's because SparkTogether isn't recorded, and we ask all of our attendees to agree not to publicly share any pieces a speaker marks as confidential.

You won't find these presentations on Twitter, LinkedIn, blog posts, or TikToks. That's what makes SparkTogether so special – it's a once a year chance to hear these powerful stories, warts and all.

Watch Anywhere

On November 10, 2022, spend a full day with an inspiring collection of marketers, creators, and operators from eight-figure agencies, fast-growing startups, and small, indie businesses, too. You don't need to leave your office, couch, or bed (no judgment). There's no expensive plane flight, no overpriced hotels with beds that just don't feel quite right, no soggy fries for $20 in the lobby.

But, if you've joined our Office Hours events, you know there's an incredibly, passionate, active, lively community of marketers in the chat, sharing their own experiences and building on what the speakers present.

Stories & numbers.
Trials and triumphs.
Successes and failures.

You'll hear from agency owners who fell into pits of unprofitability and nearly shuttered their practice. You'll learn about in-house marketers who took dying companies to industry-leading growth rates with a single campaign.

You'll experience the emotional rollercoasters of campaigns that snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, and the occasional few who snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

Quality, Not Quantity

6 hours of exceptional value. One track — so you don't have to miss sessions.

And we're definitely not making any sessions longer than 30 minutes — because no matter how great a speaker is, after 30 minutes on a virtual stage, we all have flagging attention spans. This is one full day of single-track sessions. 10 presenters. Well-moderated Q&A. And our always-awesome (and also well-moderated) live chat.


Amanda Natividad
Amanda Natividad
Rand Fishkin
Rand Fishkin

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SparkTogether is completely virtual, so you can watch from anywhere.

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