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November 16
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The original story-focused marketing event. A virtual summit with tell-all sagas. Real numbers. No recordings.

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What Folks Said About Last Year's Summit

Most events like these are 'meh' and usually result in a bunch of marketing fluff being thrown around. But I was very, very wrong. I spent the whole day FURIOUSLY writing down notes for my team, saving links, and chatting with fellow marketing pros during SparkTogether. I got ZERO multitasking done, and it was 150% worth it. Best conference I've ever attended.

SparkToro hosted THE MOST AMAZING virtual summit, SparkTogether. To say this was worth the time would be a massive understatement. The platform (virtual) and concept (unrecorded) produced some of the most vulnerable and authentic story-centered marketing events I've ever attended. The SparkToro team has really created GOLD here.

What was promised was honest stories, real data, and #SparkTogether delivered. One of the best marketing conferences I've attended in a while. Felt like a private storytelling session.

Anfernee Chansamooth
Anfernee Chansamooth

Still on cloud 9 after #SparkTogether. I'm exhausted, happy and still feel the vibes. I don't like virtual events. This was the first one where I stayed the majority of the time.

I'm feeling very energized after SparkTogether, easily one of the best conferences in a long while. Kudos to the team for curating an amazing lineup of engaging storytellers and a format that enabled transparent sharing.

Best use of my time today in an incredibly busy period. GOLD MINE of insights. So excited.

Jay Di Pietro
Jay Di Pietro


Confidential Case Studies

You won't hear these stories anywhere else.

We ask our speakers to present their stories unfiltered, including real numbers, financial figures, and ugly truths. That's because SparkTogether isn't recorded, and we ask all of our attendees to agree not to publicly share any pieces a speaker marks as confidential.

You won't find these presentations on Twitter, LinkedIn, blog posts, or TikToks. That's what makes SparkTogether so special – it's a once a year chance to hear these powerful stories, warts and all.

Conference Schedule

9:00 AM PST
Kickoff with Rand Fishkin and Amanda Natividad
Amanda Natividad -
Rand Fishkin -

Welcome to SparkTogether! Your hosts will set the stage for the day, discuss the rules of engagement, and maybe — maybe — we can convince Rand to tell us a story he’s never told before.

Amanda Natividad
Rand Fishkin
9:15 AM PST
Biggest Lessons from Hiring Mistakes
Wes Kao -

Wes Kao has been building and managing teams for years. She was no stranger to hiring effective employees. And in her past several years as a founder, she learned to level up her hiring and people management skills. But this came at the cost of a few bad hiring decisions.

She shares her stories, including the time she let a candidate's shiny background cloud her judgment. Or the time she was eager to hire someone after seeing them solve a seemingly unsolvable problem... but later experienced that they failed to deliver.

Wes Kao
9:45 AM PST
What to Do When You’re Your Own Worst Boss
Joanna Wiebe -

Your boss is making you do work you hate. They make you push through burnout. And they underpay you. What if this boss… is you? When you’re running your own business and the biggest flight risk is you, how do you even begin to unpack the problems, let alone propose a solution?

In this session, Joanna Wiebe opens up about her recent journey with burnout, the brutal truths she had to face, and her future plans for Copyhackers.

Joanna Wiebe
10:30 AM PST
On a Shoestring Budget: How to Drive Double-Digit Percentage Lifts in Revenue

As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention.

In this case, there wasn’t so much necessity as there was desperation. There Purna was, brand new job. A dauntingly massive remit at one of the world’s largest companies. And as for resources? Practically nothing. In fact, far less than she ever had, even working at the smallest of start-ups.

How to rub two quarters together and make them look like a million bucks? She leaned on her background in Instructional Design, to create and globally scale a scaled customer education program.

In this session, Purna will share her stories and learnings, from why more content marketers need to think like instructional designers to how to make the case and measure success.

Purna Virji
11:00 AM PST
Coming Soon!
Robi Ganguly -

Robi Ganguly
11:30 AM PST
How Audience Research Propelled Our Agency Into a Million-Dollar Business
Lavall Chichester -

When you’re a marketing agency and you hear “cannabis industry,” naturally, you start looking for keyword opportunities in the cannabis space. But you’ll quickly move on when you see how saturated that niche is.

But not Lavall and his team at GrowthSkills. Instead, they used audience research to find a niche within that niche. They identified a new set of high-volume keywords, grew their organic traffic, and then used that to fuel growth for their client. Just a few short years later, GrowthSkills runs one of the most trusted websites in the cannabis industry today. Lavall takes us behind the curtain to tell us their.

Lavall Chichester
12:30 PM PST
Overcoming Mimetic Desire: How To Know What You Really Want
Katelyn Bourgoin -

Katelyn Bourgoin didn’t mean to become a full-time creator. But after years of running a startup, navigating burnout, and then working on her consultancy, it ended up being a natural next step. As her following grew, she doubled down on solopreneurship.

Then she realized that wasn’t the dream either. These days, Katelyn is back in scaling-up mode. But she’s doing it with a fresh perspective, on her own terms, beholden to her own goals. All while she creates a balanced life with her family. This isn’t a growth-at-all-costs story. It’s the story of what you do when you create your own luck, and what you do with it next.

Katelyn Bourgoin
1:00 PM PST
What You Can Learn From the Taylor Swift SEO Conspiracy Theory
Britney Muller -

You’ve heard that recent Taylor Swift conspiracy theory. That maybe the reason she went to the Jets game a few weeks ago was to bury the news coverage of being the celebrity most responsible for emitting CO2 with her private jet usage. (Now, when you search for "Taylor Swift jet" you'll see coverage of the singer at various recent NFL games.)

It's a pretty kooky theory but once it was out there, it picked up steam like crazy. USA Today, Daily Mail, Vulture and more covered it. Wired even did a deep dive.

Where did this originate? From our good friend, SEO and machine learning expert, Britney Muller.

And for the first time ever, you'll get her behind-the-scenes story. Only at SparkTogether.

Britney Muller
1:30 PM PST
How to Escape the Category You Created
Kieran Snyder -

Textio invented the augmented writing category of software. It didn't exist before us and we broke it pretty big — big enough that many people have since copied it.

Only they didn't copy the most essential (to us) parts of the category. Instead, the market decided that "augmented writing" was any app with colorful highlights and/or a numeric score. So as the category definition changed and got commoditized, Textio has had to find ways to escape the category that we ourselves invented.

CEO and co-founder of Textio shares her company’s story.

Kieran Snyder
2:10 PM PST
What Happens When a Top SEO Expert Secretly Works As a Google Quality Rater?
Cyrus Shepard -

Cyrus Shepard has more than a decade of hands-on SEO experience. And he hasn't always been on Google’s “nice” list. So when he applied as a Google Quality Rater on a lark, he was shocked to actually get the gig.

He passed the qualifying exams and then worked for $15 per hour. At the time of this writing, he’s technically still employed with the agency who staffs these search efforts. In this session, Cyrus will tell all, including the surprises and twists along the way, and why he failed the exam the first time.

Cyrus Shepard
2:40 PM PST
The Book Launch That Almost Wasn’t… and Then It Was

It was six years ago that SaaS growth marketers Claire Suellentrop and Gia Laudi started Forget the Funnel, the customer-led growth training program and consultancy. Before that, both Claire and Gia worked for years in growth marketing roles at SaaS startups like Calendly, Unbounce, Wistia, Sprout Social, MeetEdgar, and lots more. So you could say their book, Forget the Funnel, was over a decade in the making.

To ensure a super-successful book launch day, Claire, Gia and the FTF team spent months lining up speaking appearances, presentations, newsletter sponsorships, guest posts, fun promotional campaigns with industry friends, and more.

Everything was all set. Until 48 hours before launch, when seemingly out of nowhere, Amazon pulled the rug out from underneath them — at the end of the day on a Friday, no less.

Suddenly, those months of meticulous planning circled down the drain.

Learn what the FTF team did next.

Claire Suellentrop

Watch Anywhere

On November 16, 2023, spend a full day with an inspiring collection of marketers, creators, and operators from eight-figure agencies, fast-growing startups, and small, indie businesses, too. It’s a 6-hour webinar-style summit with the Netflix experience. You don’t need to leave your office, couch, or bed (no judgment). There’s no expensive plane flight, no overpriced hotels with beds that just don’t feel quite right, no soggy fries for $20 in the lobby.

But, if you've joined our Office Hours events, you know there's an incredibly, passionate, active, lively community of marketers in the chat, sharing their own experiences and building on what the speakers present.

Stories & numbers.
Trials and triumphs.
Successes and failures.

You'll hear from agency owners who fell into pits of unprofitability and nearly shuttered their practice. You'll learn about in-house marketers who took dying companies to industry-leading growth rates with a single campaign.

You'll experience the emotional rollercoasters of campaigns that snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, and the occasional few who snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

Why SparkTogether?

We've attended a lot of conferences, a mess of livestreams, and a ton of webinars. Some of them are great… Many are not.

With SparkTogether, we're using our experience to deliver an exceptional day of outstanding programming, but we don't think that's enough.

To be worthy of your time, SparkTogether needs to provide value you can't get anywhere else. That's what we've built – an event whose format is wholly unique, focused on memorable narratives, told with passion by the people who lived them, with real metrics and outcomes revealed (even when those numbers tell an unflattering story). We think stories are the most memorable way to learn.

Quality, Not Quantity

6 hours of exceptional value. One track — so you don't have to miss sessions.

And we're definitely not making any sessions longer than 30 minutes — because no matter how great a speaker is, after 30 minutes on a virtual stage, we all have flagging attention spans. This is one full day of single-track sessions. 10 presenters. Well-moderated Q&A. And our always-awesome (and also well-moderated) live chat.


Amanda Natividad
Amanda Natividad
Rand Fishkin
Rand Fishkin
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