Success Stories

Learn how SparkToro’s customers use the product to save time, attract customers with greater ROI, and grow their businesses.

Rise Marketing Group
Rise Marketing Reduces Customer Acquisition Cost with SparkToro
This performance advertising agency uses SparkToro to find more efficient digital ad opportunities. With one client, they reduced customer acquisition cost by 50%.
SparkToro Customer
How A Tech Startup Powers Their Marketing Strategy With SparkToro
This tech startup uses Text Insights from SparkToro to better understand their audiences and create thought leadership content. And they use SparkToro’s Social data to inform their social media ad strategy.
How Digital Agency AlgoRhythm Uses SparkToro to Supercharge Engagement, Follows, and Amplification
Digital marketing & creative agency AlgoRhythm uses SparkToro to find influential social media accounts and earn outsized ad campaign ROI. Learn how they do it.
How Shepherd Does Fast, Full-Stack Market Research with SparkToro
This brand marketing agency starts with customer data, leverages identity resolution to find public social media profiles, then runs SparkToro queries to learn more about these audiences.
How Foundation closes deals, serves clients, and makes ad spend more efficient with SparkToro
This content marketing agency did ad placements with niche podcasts and newsletters for their client. Within a month, that client saw 50% more qualified leads than they were getting from traditional digital advertising efforts.
Contact Any Celebrity
I couldn't figure out what media our audience consumed anymore. Media became highly politicized; it was tricky
Thanks to SparkToro, PR and outreach provider Contact Any Celebrity found data-driven ways to power their services, improve performance, and validate sources of real influence.
Ibriiz uses SparkToro to nail their launch planning and execution
Ibriiz used SparkToro to help identify which brands they should target in order to attract and retain initial user for their marketplace mobile app.
Digital Current
The Product Launch Marketing Plan That Generated $1 Million In 60 Days
Digital Current put together a product launch strategy that helps their clients see success. These 5 steps will help you replicate their strategy and see success too.
Web Marketer UK
SparkToro is such a strong springboard from which to start
By using SparkToro, digital agency Web Marketer UK saved time during crucial research processes, and also improved research processes which led to stronger audience profiles.
Truly Inc
It's kind of magic, really - Our margins went from 7% to 37%
Using SparkToro, digital marketing agency Truly, Inc. massively reduced time spent in arduous audience research, while boosting accuracy and client ROI.
You can imagine how excited I was when I found out SparkToro had integrated with
Using SparkToro, content marketing agency Grizzle sped up their processes, increased projects’ efficiency, and reduced research turnaround time.
Using SparkToro for competitor analysis is extremely useful
Adwordizing is a small boutique agency that successfully uses SparkToro to identify partnership opportunities for clients within difficult and particularly niche industries.
Now we know where to put our efforts... In a split second
Using SparkToro, digital agency Evonomix found new ways of discovering campaign ideas, and connecting with their client’s audience.
SparkToro has been our single source of audience truth
Digital marketing agency iSynergy was able to save hours on audience research and persona buildouts using SparkToro. Across all paid campaigns utilizing SparkToro, iSynergy has seen more than a full percentage point increase on conversion rates.
We saw a 13% uplift in sign-ups compared to generic campaigns
SparkToro is easy to use, has a trusted team, and builds an authentic connection to customers. Using SparkToro, digital growth agency Kurve saw an uplift in sign-ups for niche industry events.
Beach Commute
Keyword research gives you the outline, and SparkToro fills in the colors
Beach Commute is a startup that used SparkToro social data to create a comprehensive, intent-driven keyword strategy for their website homepage.