"SparkToro is such a strong springboard from which to start"

By using SparkToro, digital agency Web Marketer UK saved time during crucial research processes, and also improved research processes which led to stronger audience profiles.

A Bit of Context

Web Marketer UK is a fledgling digital marketing agency based in Wales, UK. With managing director Louis Halton Davies at the wheel, Web Marketer UK is skilled in helping B2B, and service-based SMEs generate more leads online, focusing on customer-centric advertising strategies.

The Web Marketer UK Team
The Web Marketer UK Team

A big part of their work is strategizing and designing Facebook and Google advertising campaigns with a unique blended approach of people-led thinking and data-led feedback.

For Web Marketer UK, this includes a thorough discovery to identify and understand the campaign demographic.

Why SparkToro?

One of the services that set Web Marketer UK apart from competitors is the demographic discovery process they complete before launching any campaigns. This discovery process involves analysing and collating a variety of analytics and data, taken from paid search, paid social, and web traffic.

Web Marketer UK

The outcome? To learn as much about a client’s audience as possible before committing and spending any budget. It works as a safety net for the client, and an assurance that the highest levels of research and identification are being explored before any campaign goes live.

Obtaining such detailed data (especially data with a clear thread of insight) is often the biggest challenge. While conducting this research, the team is looking for particular consumer driven needs and intents, alongside trying to identify the types of content the audience engages with.

It’s essential that Web Marketer UK get this part of their research right, as it is critical to ensure they know how to best serve any potential demographic with ads later on. The better insight they can gather at this stage, the better the conversions are, and the stronger the ROI is later down the road.

The key challenge has always been to understand the profile of the audience quickly, or at least to be able to quickly identify a thread of insight to start exploring for deeper information.

Louis Halton Davies, Managing Director

And this is where SparkToro helps the team. SparkToro lets the team ‘fast-track’ their audience research, giving them significant clues on where to look and (crucially) what to look for.

Put simply, if our discovery process was a mystery to solve, SparkToro would be a fast-track pass to the first major clues.

Problem-solving with SparkToro

The most apparent way SparkToro helps the team at Web Marketer UK is by fast-tracking their initial research process for clients, ensuring projects can be delivered timely, without sacrificing on either quality and accuracy.

We’re talking about days saved every month, which is incredibly valuable in our early stages of business.

But that’s not all. SparkToro helps the team at Web Marketer UK in several other ways too.

The first, was helping the team with identifying the best place to start their research. Because of the variety of data and information available on SparkToro, the team quickly learned that the best place to start may not be the most obvious place.

The second, was providing everything in one place. While some tools can only assist with specific social channels, or media types, SparkToro was able to recommend various social profiles, websites, hashtags, and even podcasts.

And finally, SparkToro also helps Web Marketer UK expand their client’s audiences into segmented markets - by allowing the team identify these audiences clearly and simply.

In search campaigns, you can target a customer’s intent. However, before you start retargeting and nurturing in social advertising, you’re stuck with an audience profile. In SparkToro, exploring different social audiences by changing the intent of the topic talked about can have a surprising effect on the data presented. Being able to include intent into social profiling is so huge.

This was particularly useful for one of Web Marketer UK’s recent clients, an upcoming estate agent in the UK.

In this example, the ‘estate agent’ vernacular is somewhat limited in Facebook Ads. Still, after using SparkToro to dig a little deeper, Web Marketer UK discovered a variety of other terms that could be used instead, and found they had a lot more success targeting ‘Real Estate’ and ‘Realtor’ audiences - which aren’t words commonly used in the UK.

The Results

The results that Web Marketer UK has seen from using SparkToro have ranged from time-saving and fast-tracking research processes to creating more intuitive campaigns and more accurate results. It gives the team a strong foundation to work from, and gives them the information and inspiration to conduct better, more detailed audience research.

SparkToro is such a strong springboard to from which to start.

Case Study Results
Results from Facebook Advertising

For example, when creating paid ad campaigns across social media, so much depends on identifying the right people and the correct targeting parameters. SparkToro helped the team get to the ideal outcome faster, with less back and forth and experimentation needed.

Two of the audiences uncovered for the estate agent campaign, using SparkToro, ended up being the two best performing audiences (generating the highest number of leads) in the first week.

SparkToro has also changed how the team at Web Marketer UK structure their research process and has saved them the time (and effort) of jumping between different software. Whereas once they would have had to collate all of that into one research piece, now SparkToro provides all they need in one place.

SparkToro is now our first port of call. I’d estimate we save between an hour and three hours per new client depending on their audience’s complexity. It also makes the process so much simpler as we would have previously been bouncing between different pieces of software and research techniques.

Saving time, improving results, and making processes more efficient - that’s the stuff we love to hear!