Now we know where to put our efforts... In a split second

Using SparkToro, digital agency Evonomix found new ways of discovering campaign ideas, and connecting with their client’s audience.

A Bit of Context

Sorin Amzu, Online Performance Manager
Sorin Amzu
Online Performance Manager

Evonomix is a remote digital agency, working with a skilled team from all around Romania. Their primary focus is inventive problem solving within strategy, interaction design, engineering and digital commerce. Their clients consist of market leaders and challengers, and enabling their client’s rapid growth is something the team thrive on.

The team at Evonomix handles everything from copywriting, social media, design, development and SEO - so choosing the correct processes and software to help make work more efficient, organized and creative is always a primary goal.

If we had to choose just one thing that sets us apart, it would be our organizational skills. We have procedures and documents for most of the actions we take, and we pride ourselves in following systems instead of making things up on the spot.

Sorin Amzu, Online Performance Manager

Evonomix Team
Evonomix Team

How Does SparkToro Help?

Assisting and strategizing their client’s rapid growth, means the Evonomix team need to go beyond average research processes, and adapt to the quickly changing and evolving digital landscape their clients are a part of.

On a recent project the Google Trends and Google Analytics data seemed lackluster, so the team turned to SparkToro for more inspiration and ideas. SparkToro allowed a much ‘deeper dive’ into specific data and behaviour, especially for social media and influencer marketing, which led to the team winning the pitch.

We're going beyond simple Google Trends or anecdotal evidence when it comes to Persona behavior. SparkToro allows us to see real data of what the audience is listening to, reading or what hashtags they're using. You don't get that granularity with any other tool we've used.

By applying novel and adaptive thinking to the most ambitious business scenarios, Evonomix have stepped up their client offering, and SparkToro has facilitated a quicker research process, and a more detailed analysis of their client’s online demographic.

We're big believers in the Exponential Organizations model. As an agency, we've realized that we need to upgrade ourselves to handle bigger challenges. SparkToro has helped with this. There isn't another tool out there that approaches understanding audiences quite like SparkToro.

Evonomix spent years looking for the right tool to help them with their audience research. Whilst, other tools on the market provided certain features they were looking for, they also lacked key components that were necessary to justify their price-tag.

SparkToro gives an incredible snapshot of an audience across multiple social networks, search, and even podcasts (which is also unique!). In a matter of seconds, we can get a view into the affinities of an audience, see who influences them, see what they're reading, what hashtags they're using, the websites they frequent, and more

Evonomix has particularly benefited from employing SparkToro’s "hidden gems" filter. This feature helps to highlight accounts and websites that earn high relative engagement as compared to just raw visits and followers. It allows agencies like Evonomix to quickly dig deeper and surface more unique suggestions.

Now we know where to put our efforts, where to focus our engagement, which networks to spend money on, and which influencers to partner with... IN A SPLIT SECOND. It's kind of magic, really.

The Results

One of the big positives Evonomix noticed since using SparkToro is the amount of time saved on pitches and research. But perhaps more interestingly, SparkToro has also helped the team pitch for and discover more creative ideas. For a recent pitch to a well-known ice-cream manufacturer, the team used SparkToro to discover various hashtags and influencers, that sparked interest from the client, as well as discussion, leading to a contract for work.

The ice cream manufacturer was very excited about working with us, and we're renewing the contract for 2021, for a budget of 6 figures for the year.

Six figure contracts in competitive bidding situations are hard to come by, and SparkToro’s been Evonomix’s secret tiebreaker.