How Digital Agency AlgoRhythm Uses SparkToro to Supercharge Engagement, Follows, and Amplification

This agency uses SparkToro to power their clients’ social media engagement.


AlgoRhythm London

AlgoRhythm London is a boutique creative digital marketing agency. They specialize in paid search, SEO, and paid social. As scrappy, creative types, they use SparkToro’s tool to zero in on the right audiences for their clients.

A Bit of Context

AlgoRhythm specializes in paid search, SEO, and paid social, specifically in the ecommerce, B2B tech, and social impact verticals. Last year, they worked with a nonprofit organization focused on environmentalism. This particular organization holds the global finance and insurance industry accountable for its part in climate change, deforestation, and pollution.

Algorhythm’s client is also passionate about protecting the rights of indigenous communities impacted by fossil fuel projects. They achieve their goals via lobbying and privately funding advertising campaigns targeting shareholders, employees, and senior executives at large investment and insurance companies. They tap into media opportunities as well as the broader climate-focused audiences and influencers.

The nonprofit engaged AlgoRhythm to leverage social media to spread awareness of net zero goals (the practice of cutting greenhouse gas emissions to as close to zero as possible). Various companies have promised these net zero goals — and AlgoRhythm’s client wanted to hold them publicly accountable.

Public accountability in a political sphere? With these high stakes, AlgoRhythm needed to make sure they were getting the best possible data.

Finding the Right Audience

Historically, the client tapped into their target audience by focusing on larger media outlets such as Huffington Post, NBC and CNN, as well as environmental-focused news outlets and influencers.

AlgoRhythm wanted to identify specific social accounts that their key audience follows. They uncovered high-relevance, high-engagement environmental websites and social profiles in SparkToro, then cross-referenced that data with the client’s own followers.

The result? AlgoRhythm identified 61 Twitter profiles in the climate action space that did not overlap with the existing client-defined targeting list. By presenting these data-validated insights, the client agreed to split the Twitter Ads campaign budget equally between their own defined audience and the SparkToro audience.

SparkToro Social Accounts

Validated Results and Efficient Ad Spend

AlgoRhythm designed the ad creative and deployed it across two groups: their client’s defined ad group and the SparkToro audience of 61 Twitter profiles. The overall cost per engagement was only a penny higher — ($0.16 for the SparkToro Audience and $0.15 for the Client Defined Audience. But after two weeks, the SparkToro-audience ad performed 42% better compared to the client’s list (1.26% vs. 0.89%).

Notably: The worst performing ad in the SparkToro ad group outperformed the best performing ad in the Client defined audience ad group. The best performing ads accounted for 60% and 57% of total engagements in each ad group respectively.

Compared against the industry benchmark click-through rate (CTR) of 0.86%, both campaigns performed well. The SparkToro ad group’s CTR was 47% higher, and the client’s ad group was 3% higher than the benchmark. Both ad groups were approximately 70% cheaper than the $0.58 benchmark cost-per-click (CPC) for Twitter. The SparkToro ad group drove 25% more followers and 17% more retweets compared to the client-defined ad group.

SparkToro CTR

So while the SparkToro audience campaign cost only $.01 more, it yielded greater engagement, more followers, and more retweets.

SparkToro has already helped us win numerous pitches by showing prospective clients that we truly understand where their audiences are spending their time online. I was excited to test SparkToro data when it came to targeting methodology and whilst I had complete faith that our experiment would be a success, I was delighted and relieved with the incredible results. SparkToro is now firmly part of our agency tech stack.

Justin Thorne, Founder and CEO, AlgoRhythm London

Adopting SparkToro in Regular Workflow

These results changed how AlgoRhythm’s client targeted their campaigns moving forward. They now use the best performing target profiles that were sourced via SparkToro across all ad campaigns and look for new audiences depending upon the specific goals and audiences.

As for AlgoRhythm, they believe more than ever how crucial it is to show a deep understanding of how their clients’ audiences behave in the digital channels. Their “test and learn” mentality to campaigns go beyond simply multivariate tests on ad creative and ad copy.

And these days, SparkToro has a firm spot in how they validate all their clients’ campaigns.