SparkToro is easy to use, has a trusted team, and builds an authentic connection to customers

“We saw a 13% uplift in sign-ups compared to generic campaigns.”
Using SparkToro, digital growth agency Kurve saw an uplift in sign-ups for niche industry events. Learn how they did it below.

A Bit of Context

Oren Greenberg, Chief Growth Officer @ Kurve
Oren Greenberg
Chief Growth Officer

Kurve is a hybrid agency & consultancy specializing in digital growth. Kurve focuses on helping brands scale up digitally, expanding their online presence, and driving exposure and expanding audiences. A key component of their work is building scalable and predictable growth engines for their clients through primarily paid acquisition.

The only thing we love more than efficiency is effectiveness. Automation and scaling allow for rapid insight and decisive action

Other aspects of digital marketing that Kurve manage and consult on include:

  • Building brand awareness
  • Scaling acquisition
  • Management of digital channels
  • Attribution modeling
  • Setting up marketing automation
  • Recruiting talent

Kurve works with a variety of clients, ranging from tech businesses to corporate giants like Lenovo, Canon, Investec Bank, and Homeserve. They tailor and adapt their approach to each client, creating a flexible and dynamic team of specialists to support projects.

This in-depth knowledge and bespoke approach is something they carry across their entire 3business model, including research processes and targeting.

How Kurve Uses SparkToro

Part of paid acquisition, especially on social media, is identifying and utilizing niche audiences - something Kurve are experts at, and build their business model around.

Identifying a precise and relevant audience online is crucial to scaling businesses in a tangible and impactful way. Once these audiences are identified, they can be targeted themselves and duplicated (into look-a-like audiences) for further campaigns.

However, with a particularly niche client (, the usual process of audience identification became a little more tricky, due to the monetization bias often seen in native social advertising tools.

This is where SparkToro helped.

On some social channels, it’s practically impossible to build an audience using the native channel tools, as they have an interest in inflating reach to drive more clicks due to their monetization model. So honing in to hand pick relevant handles, as we did on SparkToro, delivered higher quality targeting

Oren Greenberg, Chief Growth Officer

SparkToro provided an effective and thorough resource for building an audience more targeted and relevant than the native tools could provide, resulting in more impactful results, a reduced cost per acquisition, and a better quality sales pipeline.

Kurve used SparkToro to find relevant social profiles speaking about the client’s topic, then proceeded to set-up paid ads based on that audience, and lookalike audiences, to promote the webinar.

The Results

We saw a 13% uplift in sign-ups compared to generic campaigns!

Tapping into the resources made available by SparkToro helped increase sign-ups, as hoped, but the team were also impressed by how efficient and simple SparkToro was to navigate and integrate into their process.

SparkToro is easy to use, has a trusted team, and builds an authentic connection to customers