Using SparkToro for competitor analysis is extremely useful

Adwordizing is a small boutique agency that successfully uses SparkToro to identify partnership opportunities for clients within difficult and particularly niche industries.

A Bit of Context

Silvio Ferrero, Director
Silvio Ferrero

Adwordizing is a boutique digital marketing agency. The team is made up of Silvio Ferrero (Director) and his dog, Google. Yes, that’s really his name!

Adwordizing offers a bespoke, specialized service to their clients, and as a Premier Google Partner and Microsoft Advertising Partner - the digital marketing industry is one Silvio knows and loves.

With a variety of clients (ranging from large corporates to small startups), Adwordizing focuses on growing marketing revenues, improving online exposure, and increasing rankings. Irrespective of their size, each client's campaign is designed to be attention-grabbing, for the right reasons - and this is reliant upon the intense and in-depth research Silvio carries out.

Adwordizing is all about helping small businesses help themselves.

Silvio Ferrero, Director

So, how do one man and a dog use SparkToro for their clients? Let’s find out...

Why SparkToro?

The main appeal of SparkToro for Adwordizing, was the precise and detailed audience data the product makes easy and accessible, especially for tricky niches or particularly specialized industries (such as the Forex market exchange sector, as in this particular example).

I am using SparkToro on behalf of a client to track the behavior of very specific audiences in the Forex exchange market sector. These small, niche audiences are then marketed through different channels, for example, PPC, display, and social media.

This kind of detailed behavior analysis is something SparkToro is often used for by our users. It provides insight into audience habits and engagement that can be difficult to find using other software or tools.

For example, using SparkToro, Silvio is able to easily (and quickly) discover the following about client audiences:

  • Hashtags the audience engages with on social media
  • Common words the audience uses in content and shares
  • Websites the audience frequently visit
  • Influencers/publishers the audience engages with
  • Social accounts the audience follows

Access to this information, and picking up on trends/patterns, can highlight opportunities and strategies that may not have been obvious before.

Adwordizing has also utilized these features to analyze their competitor’s strategy and their competitor’s audience behavior. This allows Adwordizing to tap into a bigger pool of data (when working with smaller brands).

I also use SparkToro as competitive analysis as my client's competitors have much bigger data. The competitor analysis is extremely useful as it draws profiles of potential clients interested in a more suited broker.

The Results

For Silvio, the value of using SparkToro was found in the depth and detail of the information provided. SparkToro allowed him to identify hidden opportunities, smaller influencers, and less competitive angles for exposure and growth.

This data (and consequently, these ideas) hadn’t been as easily discoverable with other tools as they were with SparkToro.

I was presented with new and interesting data, which had been almost impossible to find with other tools. It helped me discover some very small websites and social media influencers who were perfect candidates to become (what is known in the sector as) ‘Introducing brokers’, a significant source of revenue for any Forex exchange broker.

The ability to filter data to create valuable lists of prospective partnerships and potential exposure opportunities means Adwordizing can also present more ideas to clients and offer a broader scope of options for clients to choose from (depending on budget, time, and preference).

Overall, SparkToro has made opportunities within niche industries more discoverable and has also given valuable insights into ‘hidden gems’ and smaller partnership options. This has not only provided more value to projects but also allows Adwordizing to create relevant lists of contacts that have proven advantageous to client growth.