"SparkToro has been our single source of audience truth."

Digital marketing agency iSynergy was able to save hours on audience research and persona buildouts using SparkToro. Across all paid campaigns utilizing SparkToro, iSynergy has seen more than a full percentage point increase on conversion rates.

A Bit of Context

Steve Cross
Steve Cross
Creative Director

iSynergy is an integrated digital marketing agency with a laser focus on maximizing ROI for clients. Service centers on revenue-driven results from lead generation, e-commerce, and full-funnel campaigns. Thus, a great deal of the agency’s successes rely on detailed, demographic research and in-depth knowledge of consumer behavior.

iSynergy is an industry leader in programmatic advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), social advertising, search engine marketing (PPC), inbound marketing, and growth strategy development. They’re providing smart, thoughtful strategy and implementation to brands who want to increase exposure, sales, and revenue online for some non-traditional clients.

West Coast innovation meets Rust Belt work ethic, if you will. Much of our success can be attributed to properly aligning our agency goals with our clients' goals to allow for full transparency.

Steve Cross, Creative Director

Addressing the Problem

iSynergy has long-sought to refine and improve one particular element of their client workflow: researching and identifying imperceptible/hard-to-uncover opportunities and audiences. That’s where true competitive advantage lies and where iSynergy can help clients realize big improvement in return on spend.

Saving time on this process makes their team more profitable and their clients’ campaigns more effective, faster. But, iSynergy doesn’t want to cut corners. They’re keen to explore in-depth, behavioral information, even if it’s a huge effort to acquire. In the digital landscape, it’s all too easy to overlook opportunities. Leads and audiences can be challenging to find, with many flying under the radar completely. In some cases, clients could have untouched potential hiding in an obscure audience niche - but it’s difficult to determine this, and it can be an arduous task trying to gather all that inexact data.

That’s where SparkToro comes in. It identifies these niche, imperceptible opportunities and provides a more concrete look at how and what the impact of them can be.

That, and SparkToro saves the team time, too!

Why SparkToro?

SparkToro has been a crucial tool in helping iSynergy build out client audiences while also providing a clearer perspective on what these audience groups are engaging with online, and where.

SparkToro helps us get a more comprehensive understanding of where their audiences truly live and engage online.

With their new process, using SparkToro’s audience insights, iSynergy can now find connections, as well as gaps, in their data - and then internally derive actionable insight from it for digital initiatives.

SparkToro has been our single source of audience truth.

Using SparkToro, iSynergy has been able to pull and aggregate data from thousands of disparate sources to derive true audience insight, proving to be an invaluable resource across multiple tasks that the team undertakes during various projects.

That alone has saved us countless hours trying to manually go from site to site and profile to profile to make connections and bring it all together.

The Results

SparkToro has been a crucial tool in helping iSynergy build out client audiences while also providing a clearer perspective on what these audience groups are engaging with online, and where.

  • Social Media Marketing - Identifying audiences, communities, hashtags, and influencers.
  • Digital Advertising - Building cohesive audiences and discovering new ones.
  • Audience Building - Facilitating quick turnaround of work and research.
  • Market/Audience Research - Identifying in-depth consumer knowledge quickly.

Since using SparkToro, we have saved nearly 20 hours per project on audience research and persona build-outs. Across all paid campaigns utilizing SparkToro, we have seen an increase of over 1% on our conversion rates!