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⚡️ 3 Audience Research Tips

1) Get amazing ROI from graveyard Facebook pages: If you’ve found a Facebook page that has a large following but the administrator hasn’t posted in a few years, you can ask to purchase it. Send a message to the admin asking if they’d be open to transferring ownership for a fee. In fact, Ross Simmonds, Founder and CEO of Foundation, once bought a graveyard Facebook page for $3,000 and his investment paid for itself within a few days. Be sure to ask for a screenshot of analytics or referral traffic before making a deal. Learn more about this tactic (and so much more on content distribution) in Ross’s recent SparkToro Office Hours. The ungated video is on YouTube. Plus, check out our Foundation case study.

2) Try double-duty marketing with podcasts: Found a podcast in your niche that you’re keen on sponsoring? Try a marketing opportunity that serves double duty. If you have your own podcast — that shares the same audience but isn’t a direct competitor — consider inviting the host on your show, and then asking to sponsor a few of their episodes. Developing this 1:1 connection with the host can ultimately make for a more successful partnership over time. And maybe they’ll even reciprocate and invite you to guest on their show. Hint: You can find some of these niche podcasts in SparkToro! As an example, check out this free, full query that shows influential podcasts for people who follow the social account @EducationWeek.

3) Make a Twitter List quickly and efficiently: When you’re trying to quickly get up to speed in a given niche or industry, consider making a Twitter List. Chances are, there are already a few influencers who come to mind. Check their SparkScore and scroll down to Related Accounts. You’ll see the nine other accounts they engage with most frequently, which tends to signal that they’re friends, coworkers, or operate in the same niche. Add all those folks to your Twitter List, keep up with their content, and join the conversations when you have something to say.

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📓 3 Articles to Read

1) Positioning vs. Strategy vs. Vision: Product marketing expert and “Obviously Awesome” author April Dunford breaks down how the relationships between positioning, strategy and vision are often misunderstood.

2) High Output Marketing: In this post, Marc Thomas from Powered By Search explains how to  optimize your marketing workflow to help you have a more profound impact on the bottom line.

3) How Buffer doubled their traffic by deleting one of their blogs: Foundation does a thorough analysis on Buffer's blogs through the years.

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