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🤯 3 Audience Research Tips

1) Use an influence map to guide your marketing strategy: Influence maps are visual frameworks that aim to answer core questions about what people’s behaviors are and how they can be influenced. Instead of asking “which keywords should I bid on?” you’re asking “where and how should we do marketing? And to whom?” Check out Rand's latest blog post to learn how to create your own influence map. 

2) Find hidden gem YouTube channels: Next time you run a SparkToro query and look at the YouTube channels your audience engages with, be sure to use Filters to find some high engagement, hidden gem opportunities. Set a maximum subscriber count of, say, 200k subscribers (to ensure you find a niche channel) with an average view count of at least 5K (to ensure you find a highly viewed channel). And voila. For a crash course in SparkToro Filters, check out our recent Twitter thread including Rand's 2-minute video. 

3) Use viral-likely formats to promote viral-unlikely links: When you have something that you know probably won’t gain traction on social media — like a webinar signup — present it in a stickier, viral-likely format. Case in point: Amanda tweeted the data showing signups from social media for our Office Hours, making the case for content opportunity on LinkedIn. (The results? 339 LinkedIn signups, and 99 Twitter signups!) Learn more about this and lots of other pro content marketing tips in our latest SparkToro Office Hours presentation on YouTube.

Office Hours on Jan. 13: Customers' Buying Triggers

Katelyn Bourgoin, CEO of Customer Camp a.k.a. the “customer whisperer”) is putting together a killer interactive presentation on customers’ buying triggers. She’ll walk us through a recent buyer journey, we’ll brainstorm marketing ideas together, and you’ll leave with solid advice you can enact right away. RSVP to save your seat and receive the replay & slides.
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📓 3 Articles to Read

1) 4 Ways to Solve for Organic Social Media Reach Decline: Only about 1 in 20 fans of your Facebook page will see your organic posts. And organic reach dropped 5% from end of 2019 to end of 2020. Digital marketing consultant Chantelle Marcelle proposes four ways to solve for this problem.

2) 22 Marketing Experts Share Their Best Advice for 2022: “Diversity and inclusion should move beyond hiring to marketing strategy... Leverage your digital platforms to show how diversity and inclusion are implemented in the organization.” More advice from marketers in PR pro Michelle Garrett’s new blog post.

3) 36 Ways to Support Small Businesses: Writing a positive review for your favorite small business might sound obvious, but you can go a step further and write them a Google Business review as well — and upvoting others’ positive reviews whenever possible. Lots more from Melanie Deziel on The Convoy blog.

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