Learn how to apply SparkToro’s data to B2B and B2C use-cases with this exploratory, walkthrough video.


Does Sparktoro and especially Sparktoro v two work well for both b to b and b to c I would argue, yes. I'm gonna show you examples of exactly how to use it for both, some different ways to search in there and what you can get out of it that will make you not only a better marketer, but make you look really good to your boss, your team, your client. So let's pop over here. This is the homepage of my friend Adam's website.

He he runs this Aon Law Firm. They do intellectual property law here in Seattle. I've actually used them a couple of times, for some analyses. And so I I searched in Sparktoro in v two for research the audience that searches for the keyword intellectual property law.

And you can see here, Sparksoro has great data that would be very expensive through surveys or interviews or enterprise tool.

But like like brand watch, which is phenomenal, but gonna cost you a lot of money.

This data on this audience searches for, what websites they visit, their demographics, right, age and gender and education and behavior and degrees and interests and skills, all of that stuff is inside sparktoro. So if I am looking to take some great screenshots, right, and put them in there and say, hey, you know what? These social accounts are followed by these keywords. We have data on keywords that are searched for by this audience, and I'm presenting that to Adam to say, this is what I think our content strategy should be. This is the tactics I think we should go after in in SEO. This is who I think we should work with for some co marketing.

Here's some YouTube channels, right, that we should pitch. Here's some social networks we should be active on. Here's some podcasts that we might wanna try getting you as a guest on.

All of that information is right here in Sparkctor. And this is also true, for, so this is heston culinary. They make, these really beautiful pots and pans. It's it's an American company, but they make them in Italy and the materials and the cooking process that the science behind it is is really exceptional.

I own several now. After we moved, I I got a bunch because I just I just love their cokeware. So this is not an ad for Houston, but if I were pitching them on marketing, either I'm an internal market or I'm their CMO, I'm an outsourced agency, right? And I'm saying, hey, I think, you know, I looked at the audience that visits our website through SparkToro.

And we've got a lot of data here to suggest that these sites, you know, maybe we should by that email newsletter sponsorship of Food and One. Maybe we should do a promotion with crate and barrel. You know what?

Web restaurant store, which is actually quite an interesting website. Sort of a e commerce, but a little bit for restaurant owners. A little like there's a considerable overlap with the folks who visit our website. I wonder if we could get into that business or maybe we should have our sales folks reach out to more people in there.

Right? And you can you can see all of these on the list and then start start choosing the ones. Right? You might say, okay.

Yeah. Let's work with Simply Resporac.


Right? I wonder if Nordstrom or Nordstrom rack, if there's a promotion that we could do with them, Food fifty two is actually a great site for this. I buy stuff off of food fifty two and I own heston. So I guess I am the high affinity group right there.

But this is what's remarkable about sparktor. Right? Is representing real user behavior through a combination of social data, data from keywords and rankings and data from click stream panels. We we work with Dataos who has a panel of ten million plus devices, around the world.

And so I can see, right, words and phrases that, yes, if I were to go to an s keyword research tool like, like moz or, Semrush or AA trips, I would see these keywords as well, but I would see a lot of keywords in here in sparktoro that I would never find in those because not not because we are like magically better, but because the way we do the keyword research process is not just to look for keywords that rank for particular sites and we through the process of finding the social accounts that are connected, the audiences that are connected to a website, right, that click stream data, and plugging that all in.

So you get some really interesting things like a frypan for induction.

And I don't I don't know whether, you know, does Hesson have a section on induction?

They you. Portable induction. Okay. They have an induction saucepan. So great. This could be a content strategy for them where folks switching to induction and they might take these, right, these terms and phrases and say, hey, you know what?

We need an article, a blog post, a content campaign, around switching to induction in which heston products you can buy and use with that. And and this of course applies to, you know, everything which subreddits should we participate in and where are we gonna get our pizza?

Yeah. I wonder if they have a pan pizza that you could make through there. And oh, cast iron cookware. Look at this gold gold in Sparkoro for b to b and b to So I encourage you to do a couple of things. Go to the audience research tab in here. Try searching for some of your core keywords and your website and or the websites of key competitors or or media or press that's that reaches your audience, you're gonna find some excellent data and This is useful whether you're b to b or b to c.