Dive into Advanced Searches, a query-construction tool that enables you to focus your query on particular audiences and exclude profiles you don’t want.


One of our premium level features for higher tier accounts in Sparkoro has long been advanced search. You can try it the v two beta, as part of your account at any level. So we we invite you to give give it a spin.

Advanced search allows you to create, multiple criteria for a single audience. So for example, I've got Irish family history websites as one of my advanced search audiences here, and I'm looking for folks who visit either one of the of the two very popular Irish family history, sites on the web.

When you create a new advanced search, for your first time, this will be the the screen that you see, you can choose which criteria you'd like to apply to that audience. So for example, you might say, well, I'm looking for folks who are in sales but not sales and marketing. So you can choose and or and but does not, to to sort of form an advanced query. So my audience uses the words in their bio sales, but does not use the words in their bio marketing.

I'm looking for exclusively people who are like sales directors, probably more enterprise level folks. And when you test and save this query, sparktoro will tell you if we have matches. We do four hundred and sixty three sales, not marketing is what I'm gonna call this audience, and I'm gonna run the search for it. And now, Sparks will analyze that group of people, and it will tell me about these sales but not marketing.

And you can see in fact that these are more sales focused types of folks. Right? So, the websites that I'm seeing here, McKinsey Gartner, the muse, all of your advanced search phrases and and searches that you performed will be saved in here. You can manage these, remove them, edit them, share them with other counts, all that kind of good stuff.

I invite you to try it. We'd love to hear from you and how it performs for you support at sparktoro dot com. Thanks.