Gain a competitive edge in your SEO practices: content, keywords, links, and promotion strategies with this video’s novel insights.


The new Spark Touro v two has SEO data, which we've never had before. We have we have search keyword data, and and SEO ranking data, CPC data, it is not going to replace MOS or Semrush or AA Trafs. It it's just not. We we are not competing with those folks, and we don't offer the same features that they do.

But I do think SEO is gonna be better. Your SEO is gonna be better. You're gonna have a competitive advantage if you apply some of what you find in Sparksoro to your SEO process. So I was in SEO, obviously, a long time, seventeen years.

And, so I I wanna show you this website. This is It's one of the most Italian websites on the planet. The the the title tag for this website is actually just delightful. I believe it is first choice pasta guaranteed, with name and surname since since nineteen eighteen.

It is phenomenal pasta. I cannot recommend it enough, but it's also expensive. I I think a single boxer bag is like nine or ten dollars compared to you know, two dollars and fifty cents for the stuff you might get at Trader Joe's. So I plugged in the website and we have no data for it.

Why are you showing me a video where you don't have data? Well, sparktor doesn't have data on every website. We need to have at least a few thousand people visiting a site, but what I do suggest is let's take what we know people who are looking for Benadetho Cabadieri and willing to pay would be likely to for, and that is best pasta or or best pasta brands. You could you could put in whatever you want here.

These folks are willing to pay more money to get the best variety of pasta. And so what it's what it's showing is obviously some search data about this. But whereas a semrush, a Mars, an AA traps, right, tools like that will show you similar keywords based on, crawling Google's results. Spartoro generates it off of audiences from three sources.

The social web combined with website ranking data, right, from Google and click stream data. We use Dataos's panel, which is about ten million, devices worldwide. And you can see the website dates that are visited by people who search for that. So if I'm an SEO, the thing that I'm really thinking about is either sort of classic seo, which is like link building or my opinion of of what's really working now in new SEO is much more around building your brand and getting mentioned on the websites that your audience visits and cares about, which are gonna be the same thing that Google cares about.

Right? You can see in all the Google results, how this is happening.

So, Sparkoro v two will show me high affinity sites that are visited by these folks, and I can take these and do outreach to these folks. Maybe to get a link, but I think quite a bit easier is try and get a brand mentioned to try and do a partnership, to try and work with them in some way. Right? Could I get the pioneer woman to try Bennett at the Valieri.

And once she sees how amazing the Spagatoni are, especially with like, a or a bolognese. It's just phenomenal. Like, maybe maybe that website would be willing to feature Benadetto cavalieri's stuff, and that will help them in their rankings, help them get more traffic. Okay.

But that's not all. We now have search keywords in here as well. And my suggestion would be whatever your keyword process, take the time to go into Sparkoro v two and export these keywords Sift through these keywords, you can do it in the UI or you can, you know, export or add to a list or whatever you'd like.

You will find terms and phrases many them that are not present in any other SEO tool because Spectoro collects data differently.

This can expand your options and give you a competitive advantage in SEO where you never had one before. And by the way, if brand mentions and links and all that kind of stuff is useful to you, I would check out podcasts as well. Podcasts are a great way to get, you know, whatever, a founder of a company, or maybe we can get the head pasta maker from Pulia, from benefit Kavalieri to, like, go on the communitatable podcast or or, oh, bird toast from food food fifty two. They actually reach a perfect audience who of willing to pay higher price points for products. So there's just magical stuff in here, but you can do SEO better by using tools and data that your competitors don't have. And that's what I would urge you to try and sparktoro v two.