Unlock the Lists feature in SparkToro to build customized, exportable spreadsheets of audience data and get contact information (including emails) appended to them.


If you're prioritizing tactical marketing outreach PR types of work, you almost certainly need a list. And Sparkoro makes it really easy to build these. I'm gonna show you how to do it in the v two beta.

So my lists page here has a couple of lists that I've already built. One for makeup artists, one's for, the sales loop website. So in makeup artists, you can see here that I've added a bunch of websites that I might want to reach out to. Let's say I'm I'm doing PR or outreach or advertising for a makeup artist website or or perhaps an influencer.

And I can see contact info for these. You can see that Sparkoro is just now collecting email data. This will be propagated over the next few days. So you can you can click those buttons to see it.

This list can also be exported. You can edit and remove these. You can add to different sections of your list. Each list mimics exactly how the app works.

So just as there's websites and keywords and social accounts, and subreddits in the normal app in the V2 app. You can see those in your list as well. So I've added all of these keywords. If I hop over here to audience research anytime I search for a website or an audience of any kind.

So let's say, for example, that I wanna find, maybe sales professionals. So sales managers, we've got a lot of them.

And I might say, okay, I wanna see which sub credits are popular with sales professionals.

Lot lot in vinyl. Okay. Actually, personal finance sales and selling and entrepreneur, those subreddits sound quite compelling to me and they might be places where I wanna either participate grab data from, or I could advertise. So I'm gonna add these to my sales loop keyword list and you can see automatically added to that list, sparktor will go out and if there's contact information associated with those, like, like, websites social accounts, then bam, those will go right in there.

You can have as many lists as you like. I think we stop somewhere around a couple hundred. So build list to your heart's content. List can have thousands of items on them.

So ahead and do that. If you see a list and you say gosh, you know what? Every single one of these is something I want, you can actually select all and add list. I'm not gonna do that because it'll make my list unwieldy.

But, you can also, if you prefer You can export any of this data to CSV and build your own lists in your own systems or you can use the lists function to take a list like these and export just this data for your use in other applications.

List superhero really easy to build. Oh, I gotta show you this. There's one more thing. So remember I said, you know, you I've I've already a bunch of stuff to my list. I think it was for the surge makeup artist.

So what Casey has done my co founder who built the vast majority of this app. You can see here in the list of search keywords, what's very nice is that we will actually mark which ones you've already added to a list. So, for example, makeup is a career. This is already on the list.

Makeup artist outreach. So that way you know which terms and phrases, which social accounts, which websites you've already had. Okay. Friends, go build some lists, have fun.

Please give us feedback on v two beta, we would love that support at sparktoro dot com or right in the app.