Check out how to build better, data-driven personas with SparkToro’s demographic and behavioral profile affinities.


In a ton of marketing practices, UX and UI development, ad targeting, copywriting, all sorts of creative endeavors, features that people recommend, geographic, demographic, psychographic, behavioral.

I'm going to use this example. This is a shop in Seattle, Metzger maps. They sell really cool different kinds of unique wall art and maps and globes and data visualizations of geographic features. They're in Pike Place Market, which is, a cultural and sort of significant tourist location in the city.

And look look at what you can do with SparkToro v two. So this is essentially persona development done in seconds. I've searched for Metzger's website. Right?

That that little shop that sells maps in Pike Place Market in Seattle and, yeah, they don't get a ton of visitors. We estimate about ten thousand visitors a month, but look at the data that that you can see everything from demographics on on gender and age, on, distribution of age, right? Employment, you can see that there's a lot of people in real estate. I want I wonder if there's could be a section in the store or if the product development team or the marketing team or people who do targeting, maybe the Facebook ad targeting team could look at that.

You can see skills and interests around environment and science and technology because of course there's lots of overlap between environmental science and map making and visualization, of course, arts and culture. Right? You can see that this is a very educated group. They they tend to go to college and get professional degrees.

You can see see the geographic distribution which actually maps really nicely to Seattle's visitor demographics from the tourism board.

You can see social accounts that they visit. You can see which, apps and networks and social networks are popular with them. You can build an incredibly robust persona. If if what you're looking to do is build a significant high quality persona, this data in v two does it for you like that. And all of this is exportable. All of it can be turned into a great Excel, graph or put into a PowerPoint presentation really easily via the the export all data into CSV function.

It it just makes the process easy and you know the data is reliable because this is not AI. It's not large language models. These are real humans. These ten thousand people are in our dataset and we are analyzing their real behaviors and real demographics through their online profiles and click stream datasets, and search behaviors. It's kind of incredible what V2 can do.