See how social media marketing tactics can be enhanced and amplified with your audience’s social insights, powered by SparkToro analyses.


If you're in social media marketing, you're probably hoping a research tool is gonna tell you a few big things.

What should I write about? What should I be posting about? What's interesting to my audience? How do I amplify it and reach more people? Right? What are topics that I could talk about or hashtags I could use? Who are accounts that I could follow and engage with to help grow my network and to see what's going on in the world and to improve my social media presence and engagement?

And and and finally, how can I turn that content into action that that results in following engagement with my account? Right? I want people to follow me. Means I have to consistently post things. This is this is tough stuff. But I I noticed, for example, in my LinkedIn account, a lot of people are talking about ad blocking and what that means for marketing. And so when I hop over to SparkToro, I can look at at the audience that searches for the keyword ad blocker and I can try to dig into that audience and say, oh, okay.

I can see what websites those people are visiting. I can check out those sites. Maybe I can follow their social accounts. I can in fact see the social accounts.

Right? I know that these people are checking out DuckDuckGo but smaller social accounts, Naked Security and Tails Live and Malwarebytes and Yan. These are all potential accounts to interact and engage with. I can see topics that are trending.

So the YouTube Ad blocker and the bypass and that whole fight might be something that's really interesting for my audience. An undetectable ad blocker. I can see that rising. See in the trending keyword section, we show you the volume history.

You can see no volume at all until just recently. It's really just in the last ninety days that this is shot up and it's got super high affinity, relatively high affinity with this audience in quite high volume.

This might be the kind of thing where I could do some social media marketing and content marketing and I love this one. We also show you data about Subreddits. So if you're interested in what are the topics being talked about today, not in the last ninety days but right now, these subreddits are gonna have those conversations and they can tell you what people in ad blocking universe are following. So u block origin and ad block and Firefox and piracy and Apple and Android.

These these subreddits, this is a gold mine. We also have the comment text taken from these subreddits. You can see how common things like the brave browser or YouTube ads or beta blockers. Right? Or or requests jailbreak, right, to jailbreak an iPhone or jailbreak an Android phone.

Jailbreak an Android phone. How common these all are? This is a gold mine for anyone in social media marketing. SparkToro has long helped helped with it, but I think V2 does even more for social media marketers than V1 did. Give it a shot.