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Making Agency Numbers More Transparent

Benchmarks are an incredible tool for business owners and operators. They tell us where we sit on the spectrum and make our strengths and weaknesses transparent. Without them, we’re often left to wonder – am I any good at this? (Kitchen pie chart via Jotun Türkiye) Here’s a conversation I recently had with the founder of a marketing agency:

Data Marketing

Queries & Clicks May Influence Google’s Results More Directly Than Previously Suspected

For a long time, folks in the search, technology, and marketing worlds have surmised that Google is using query and clickthrough data to bias search result rankings. I recently observed several examples of this via some industry colleagues (that, unfortunately, I cannot share publicly), and thought, “what the heck, let’s give it a spin.” On


Content Marketers Could Become Their Own Worst Enemy

Content is powerful. It helps websites and companies earn traffic, earn amplification through social media, build trust with an audience, all at a cost far lower than traditional or online paid marketing channels. But, sometime in the next few years, I’m worried that it may become a more challenging, more risky, and less dividend-paying investment.


The “Click-My-Bio” Litmus Test

I’m guilty of giving some bad, incomplete advice. I talk a lot about how to engage with influencers and how to earn the attention and awarenes of folks who might help you amplify your messages to a larger audience. It’s a good tactic and I stand by it. If you’re trying to reach people, building