Uncover high-quality, previously undiscoverable keyword research options in SparkToro via this short video tutorial.


If you're doing basic keyword research, you might start with something like Google. So I wanna know what start startup CTOs are searching for and how I can reach them through content that, I could rank for in Google. And, you know, Google will give you some suggestions, related searches, related questions.

Those might be useful. The next step is usually to hop over to a tool like SEMrush or or Ahrefs or Moz, my old company. And you can see, you know, they're giving you a bunch of suggestions that are based on words that are similar, lexically similar, rankings that are similar, you know, sites that rank for this also rank for that. So start up CTO jobs and equities, CTO role, resume, salary, a lot of things closely connected to that. You you can get some breath here.

But what if what you really wanna know is tell me what words and phrases startup CTOs search for.

Well, that is something that these tools generally don't do. It's not how they're built, but SparkToro v two can do this. Research the audience that uses these words in their bio, start up CTO, and now I can see websites that they're searching for. Right? Because they wanna go there every time zone and Mailbrew, Spylight, Snip. And I can see that they search for things around best AI tools and AI trends and caption this app tools and start up timing and demo day, which is which is something start founders often have to go through at at things like, you know, y Combinator or Techstars.

And these are not just words and phrases that are connected or related to the word startup c t o. They are actually the words and phrases that startup c t o's are searching for, which often doesn't include their own name and title.

I'm just saying, I I think if you're doing keyword research, if you're trying to do content strategy and content marketing, you you should give this a try and see what it can do for you.