Even if your audience is only a few dozen to a couple hundred profiles in size (in an initial SparkToro search), Rand shows you how to get value and dig in deeper in this 80-second video.


Quick tip here, see how I did a search for robotics marketing and I did this search in quotes and that means it SparkToro will look for profiles that are in our index that have tweeted or posted in Instagram or post on LinkedIn or Facebook or whatever, with exactly the phrase robotics marketing. And, you know, maybe someone's gonna search Google for that, but robotics marketing, specifically in a post on social media, it's pretty unusual. However, even though we only have sixty people, right, sixty people from the last hundred and twenty days who've done this, you can use that intelligence from that tiny little audience to basically see, oh, well, these sixty people have shared content from, have followed, have engaged with these sources, and then say, interesting engine nearing dot com, that sounds perfect.

That sounds like exactly the audience that I'm going after and then you can search for their audience by clicking that analyze website audience and you get way, way more people, right, who have shared that content visited that site twenty four thousand people, right, who have engaged with interesting engineering dot com, and this looks like exactly the same audience that you're going after who are interested in robotics and marketing. Pretty sweet. Right?