Check out the Custom Audiences feature, allowing you to upload CSVs of data (websites and keywords) to get tailor-made analyses of your audience.


There's a number of different ways to search the new v two of Spectoro. And in the beta, we're actually giving everyone yourself included access to the new custom audiences. So custom audiences is a feature that's only available for higher tier accounts, but during the beta, we invite everyone to try it. We'd love to get your feedback.

The idea is that you can upload a custom list with a whole bunch of variables in it. So in this case, what I've done is uploaded two lists. One is called chemical engineering audience. The other is Italian recipes.

The Italian recipe one, I'm gonna actually show you the what that looks like. It is this Italian recipe.

It's it's not exactly the most Plexus, but I've put sites on here like La Cuccina, Italiana, and Wova Drogaria, bolognese, of course, the pasta recipe, Spagatoni, which is one of my favorite shapes of pasta. So I have all these different, terms and phrases all related to things that people might be either searching for or websites that they're landing on. You can do the same thing. You can upload a list of any combination of keywords and or websites. We'll process them in any format.

You can see you've gotta have a minimum fifty and up to ten thousand. And we manage these inside Spectoro for you. So When you go to your, sparktoro custom audiences page, you can just click upload a custom list and put your CSV there with your terms, phrases, websites, you could get these from places like, you know, a Google trends or your Google search console account or maybe you already have lists that you've uploaded to other audience research tools, we can process all of them. What's cool is then when I go to my audience research, I can say was imported into my Italian recipe audience and Sparkoro will analyze that audience of all those different fifty terms and websites and come back at me and say, oh, okay. Actually, bolognese is one of the highest affinity keywords. Apparently, that's very popular.

You can see all sorts of interesting data about the websites that are visited. It turns out, obviously, recipe sites are big, but I actually found this fascinating as you scroll further down in here, I also noticed that sites like, crate and barrel and fit, very well fit and, HGTV. Right? There's sort of a you get a lifestyle variety, in here, King Arthur power.

And this just like all of the other audio research searches you might perform, you can obviously select which ones are interesting to you and create a list and add those to your list. So custom audiences, very cool feature, lets you aggregate and analyze a group of keywords or websites.

Give it a try. We'd love your feedback, of course, as well. We're support at smartura com or you can just hit us up in the app.