Explore how SparkToro can bring actionable data to your search marketing and campaigns (both organic and paid).


If you're in SEO, SparkToro v two is not a comprehensive SEO tool. It is not going to replace ahrefs or SEMrush or Moz, but it is gonna potentially give you a competitive advantage. Let me show you what I mean.

Let's say you are targeting data scientists like they're your customer set. That's who you're trying to reach on your website. But you might not know all the search terms that data scientists search for.

But SparkToro can tell you that because by searching for an audience that uses these words in their bio, data scientist, we have a hundred and thirty eight thousand accounts and we're analyzing them and showing you that machine learning and using machine learning, and R for programming, visiting these websites, using these social networks, including a lot more LinkedIn and GitHub than usual and a lot less Facebook and a lot more medium, following these social accounts.

Right? These trending keywords can give you a huge competitive advantage in SEO because by looking at these watch. When I go to the trending keyword section, you see this volume history. It's telling me there's a recent spike in the last ninety days.

These are not keywords that you are going to universally find in other S E O tools. They're not gonna be there and that means SparkToro v two is a competitive competitive advantage for you in S E O. And the same thing is true if you you go to the website section. These are not just sites that are linking to your competitors or that mentioned you but didn't link to you, which which is what kind of every SEO tool does.

These are sites that are visited by people in data science. And so if you think that Google is doing a great job with their algorithm recognizing hey, this is what I wanna reach out to. This is who I wanna do PR with. This is who I wanna, try and do a webinar with or get on their podcast or whatever your link building strategy is.

Bam. You add these to your list. You add those keywords we talked about to your list, and your SEO is gonna be something really special that your competitors are not doing.

Give V2 a try.