Choosing channels and identifying opportunities BEFORE you decide on which tactics to invest in can pay huge dividends. In this 2 minute video, Rand walks through an example of how to do precisely this in SparkToro.


I kinda think there's two ways you can you can start to think about marketing. Right? One is from a tactical approach like I know I wanna do these tactics. I know I wanna engage in PR, I know I wanna do some social media outreach, I know I wanna do some content marketing, or you can start from the strategic side of I want to understand my audience and their sources of influence and then I want to go do the things that I think will have the big impact.

And let let me show you. I was helping a friend who's in the wine world. She she works at a wine distributor. Right?

So we just did this simple search of my audience talks about wine. There's like two million people, and she said, no, wine is too broad. You know, my my audience does talk about wine probably on their accounts. But in fact, they are more likely to be professionals, so then we looked through here and saw this was, what do I say?

Somollier, Right? My audience uses the word in their profile, sommelier, which is like a professional wine picker, helps you helps you choose wine, they work in restaurants. So much smaller audience, but exactly what she's going after as a distributor.

And so then her approach was strategic rather than tax So rather than saying, I know I wanna do whatever content marketing to these folks, it was rather okay, I see that these people and publications reach a lot of my audience now let me strategize which ways will I get, you know, Genesis Robinson or Decantor or wine spectator or wine enthusiast or or guildsom to write about, talk about share, amplify my work. How will I get them to feature me, how will I get them to endorse and amplify what I'm creating, I think that's a really smart way to go about marketing from a from a strategic standpoint rather than a I already have a tactical approach and a thing I'm trying to do. Just just my feeling on this.