Learn how clickstream panels, social profiles, and keyword rankings data work together to form the basis for how SparkToro delivers quality, trustworthy results.


I wanna help you understand the data sources behind the new SparkToro v two because I think marketers and content creators and strategists and audience researchers will get more out of this product if they understand exactly what we're doing behind the scenes. And and we like to be very transparent here at SparkToro. So when I search for the website indie game bundles dot com, what SparkToro v two shows me is websites that have, for example, a high affinity, meaning they are visited by people who also visit indie game bundles dot com. You can see here humble bundle dot com which does something quite similar to indie games bundle.

They have a very high affinity. Ninety six out of a hundred.

Strong strong overlap. I'm seeing gender data. I'm seeing keywords that are searched for. What's happening?

Well, behind the scenes to get this data, SparkToro combines three kinds of data. One, we we work with the folks at Market Muse who provide us with hundreds of millions of keywords and the websites that rank for them. So that's the first source. But this is not an SEO tool.

You could use it for SEO purposes, but it's not fundamentally doing SEO the way that something like a Moz or a, a ahrefs or Semrush or those kinds of tools work. The second piece is click stream data. We work with Daedos who has a panel of more than ten million real users. So when we say people who visit humble bundle dot com have a high affinity for indie games bundles dot com, what's happening there is behind the scenes we're looking at click stream panelists. These these ten million people who've opted in, you know, they've been paid or or or whatever. And they give their every URL that they visit to Daedos and that data is then anonymized and aggregated and and scrubbed for privacy and all that kind of stuff. But we can see that a large percent of the people who visit one site also visit the other.

And we are also getting social data from across the social web. LinkedIn is the big one that provides a tremendous amount of our demographic data, what you see down here. But we also get data a lot from you can see this goes to Facebook and Twitter and Instagram.

So we crawl the social web as well, build connections between those. So it's these three different data sources that are providing remarkable results that you can see in here and then letting you dig into things like, hey, I wanna know, you know, which social networking apps are more or less popular with this audience. What lifestyle websites are popular with this audience versus norm you know, the average Internet user. I wanna know demographics like employment data. Right? This obviously a lot of this comes from LinkedIn.

Keywords. Right? So some of this comes from a combination of click stream and search data and you can see volume history and CPC. So all of this data is important for marketers and researchers who want to a while you're playing with the beta, using this, we would love to hear from you. Support at sparktoro dot com, or you can, click on the give feedback right in the app. Thanks.