In this 98 second video, Rand walks you through if the first few dozen or hundred results in SparkToro don't get you enough sources.


One of the most powerful and underutilized features in SparkToro is without a doubt, filters. Let me show you what's going on here. When you search inside SparkToro, for example, let's say I'm selling to folks in the publishing world and so I want to find audiences that use the hashtag publishing on their social accounts, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etcetera.

I can see that SparkToro has about eight thousand people who've used that hashtag multiple times in their posts on those networks in the last few months.

And when I scroll down, I can see, okay, a lot of different social results, a lot of websites that they follow and pay attention to. But this is not an exhaustive list.

This will show you up to two hundred and fifty accounts. So this is a very long list if I were to export it, you'd see a two hundred and fifty results. But SparkToro actually knows about even more. And by using the feature filters, you can get even more.

So for example, if I filter to only hidden gems, those accounts that have a smaller number of followers, but high engagement when they do post, you will see that this list will filter and now include sources that were not previously on here. Lauren wasn't here before. Right early wasn't here before. I think PG wasn't here before.

Simon Schuster, UK was not here before. You can do this with all sorts of filters in any of these sections, websites. You can do it in podcasts. You can do it in YouTube channels.

There is a lot of value to using the filters. Give it a try.