In this 90 second video, Rand walks through how highly effective PRs and outreach specialists can use the knowledge they gain about a publication to pitch them with strong rates of success.


I gotta show you this cool trick that a friend of ours in in PR used actually inside SparkToro, so that super smart. So this is not the actual example, but it serves as an example of what they did, so they saw that a source of influence, a publications specifically was well followed by the audience they wanted to reach, and they wanted to pitch that publication a particular story. Right? That that would amplify their brand and and earn them mention, and so what they did is they clicked this analyze social audience and analyzed in this case, I'm analyzing the New York Times' Health.

But they essentially looked at, hey, here's the audience that follows, pays attention to New York Times Health, right? This public I wanna pitch, and then they looked at, oh, hey, a lot of people who follow NYC Health are talking about blood pressure and clinic trials and raising awareness and physical activity. And so they they went and actually went through text insights, assembled a list of all these phrases that were used that spoke to the problem their their product solved, and then they pitched the outlet source on like, hey, you haven't covered anything about, whatever, blood pressure and physical activity for older adults, right, these phrases that are well used by this audience, and your audience is obviously very interested in them because here they are talking about them and we have the data from Spartoro to show that, so you should pick up our story and the publication did.

Pretty pretty cool. Right? I mean, just savvy.