In this 100-second video, Rand shows how to build comparison reports with SparkToro and SimilarWeb.


Howdy friends, another super cool competitive research idea that combines similar web and SparkToro. So let's that I am doing some marketing for Glowforge, which sells their super cool laser cutter device.

I can type them into similar web, and then click on competitors. It'll bring me down and show me other web that are visited by people who visit Glowforge. So this is essentially I'm getting competitive audience insights. It's not necessarily these people are buying the same products, they are visiting these websites.

All three d p dot com. Okay. Interesting. I'll check them out.

I go to SparkToro and I type all three d p com and search and see people who visit the website, share the website all three d p dot com. And then I get a whole bunch of data about who their audience is demographic makeup, all that kind of stuff. But also, I can click into the social results and see who is engaged with by all three d p's audience, and then I can do the same thing with glow forges, and I can build essentially a competitive Ereson report. So I can take the data that I get from these results, compare them to all three d p results and see exactly where they're getting engagement, where I'm getting engagement, what's the overlap, what's the missing pieces, and and then I can take those.

Right? I can just export these run a compare in Excel, boom. I have my list of here's where they're getting amplified, here's where they're getting engagement that I am not. Pretty cool, right?