In this 2.5 minute video, Rand shows how to make the most of SparkToro's List-building feature, and how you can get contact data and quick exports of precisely the sources you want inside the product.


One of the strangest things about SparkToro for sure, that Casey and I noticed is that many folks who use the product do not use the list building feature.

And we think it's the most valuable feature in the product. In fact, our customers who love the product say, it's one of the features that's most important to them. I'll show you how it works. You can do it even in the free version.

You can build a list. So let's say, you want someone who's a you're you're going after science educators. Right? You wanna reach them, which your new product, your new service, and so you're trying to find sources of influence.

And so essentially, you know, when you get in here and you start looking at all this data about people who have the word science and educator in their in their bio, you can see what they follow and pay attention to and then you might say to yourself, Oh, man. Yeah. Edutopia and the National Science Teaching Association and Google for Education, National Science Foundation, and we are and Mindhev, these are great sources of influence and my campaign, whatever campaign it is, digital PR, content marketing, or an outreach campaign, or you're doing SEO stuff, whatever you're doing, you can go create a list, call it what you want, science, educators, outreach list, right?

So this is the list of sources of influence for these people that I am going to try and reach out to to get my message, content, advertisement, whatever I'm doing, right? It could be I'm running Facebook ads against these. I'm running Google display ads them. But I can add stuff from any of these pages, cult of pedagogy, fast Right?

And I can go add them to the list that I've created, science educators outreach list, it adds the items automatically. I can do this in podcasts and YouTube. Oh, see, this is really nice. It shows me that this is already on one of my outreach lists because it's highlighted in pink, and then I can see which one.

And then I can just add these to my list, and they will not only go into the list that I create, but When I click on lists and I go to my science outreach list, it's so fast.

You can see there's contact information already in there. Right? We have a partnership with hundred dot I o to get the email addresses and their social outreach, but it's It's just so easy. You you can't do it better than this, right?