In this 2 minute video, Rand shows how to analyze and compare the audience attributes, demographics, reach, and sources of influence for multiple audiences side-by-side.


Hey, friends.

Wanna see something cool with SparkToro. So I I just ordered my brother, hopefully, Evan's not watching.

I got him birthday present from this website, Huckberry. And yeah, they have a bunch of cool stuff, he just moved into a new house.

So one of the cool things that Sarcartoro can do is analyze your social account or anybody's social account, and this is actually one of the biggest things I recommend to folks. Go plug in your social account.

You can use Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn or whatever, but you plug in the social account and then you can analyze yourself versus a bunch of your competitors and Spark Toro can even show you some of those competitors, but watch this, so you can see data about, okay, is paying attention to this website? What what sorts of demographics, this is the the new feature in Spartoro?


So it'll show you where they're employed, it'll show you skills and in trust, it'll show you gender and age, which is useful for a lot of people who are building sort of personas or need to make those kinds of presentations, and if you want, you can do cool things like pop over to similarweb dot com, which offers sort of a website traffic data and then you can plug in hucberry dot com, boom, you can see competitors, so similar websites that people visit, so I could take taylor Stitch dot com plug them in tailor stitch and see a comparison and then basically build this competitive comparison between hey, here's how these folks are doing, here's how these other folks are doing.

You can do that with social accounts that they follow and sort of see like, oh, here's the overlap, and here's maybe we have some opportunity that we didn't realize it's pretty darn slick and these presentations I've seen some folks in like PR and content marketing and just digital strategy, build these and then share them with their clients or their internal teams.

It's pretty, pretty stellar.