In this 2 minute video, Rand explains how to use LinkedIn's analytics to improve your SparkToro audience research.


Hey friends.

I wanna see a super cool trick. I'm on my LinkedIn page here. Right?

And you can see that I shared a post This is from last week, I wrote a blog post, and see how LinkedIn has this analytics about your post that you put up there.

When you click that, they will show you a whole bunch of details about who shared it, who engaged with it, who's active with it.

Does doesn't really matter how big or small these numbers are, you can take something like, oh, okay, sixteen hundred fifty one advertising specialists, lots of advertising specialists engaged with this influence map post that I posted. So I'm gonna go to Partoro, my audience uses in these words in their profile, advertising specialist, a search, sparktoro will return a bunch of data about advertising lists that are in its database, and I can see a whole bunch of things about their activities.

Where do they go? Where do they what do they visit? What do they engage with? What podcast today, listen to what YouTube channels they subscribe to. I can go to the see all websites and start saying, oh, okay. I think I wanna I think I maybe I wanna do some partnership with WordStream here, or Martek, or Emarketer.

Maybe I can get my content in business community, or maybe I could write a guest piece for econsultancy, or hey, I should talk to Massimo over at at espresso about doing something together.

And then you can go to similar web at espresso dot com.


And This is this is great. The they'll give me a whole bunch of data about that website that I was thinking about pitching, and they'll tell me how potentially popular this this is this is entirely free.

And look, I can get referral data.

I can go click on creditors and see other websites that are visited by people who visit at Espresso.

So if I've success in one channel with one source of influence with a website, I can go find a whole bunch of other ones.

Super cool. Right?